Picture Series (Performed in the Garden)

Praying Mantis Eighteen-Collection

Picture Series of the Set

The Eighteen-Collection Set, or Sap Pat Sau in Chinese, consists of the following 41 patterns.

1. Seven-Star Hook Hand 2. Seven-Star Chop Fist

3. Grip Hand Lift Knee 4. Ascend Mountain Elbow Strike

5. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist 6. Ascend Mountain Thrust

7. Seven-Star Thrust Punch 8. Slant Body Swing Hand

9. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist 10. Seven-Star Hook Hand

11. Seven-Star Chop Fist 12. Grip Hand Lift Knee

13. Ascend Mountain Elbow Strike 14. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist

15. Ascend Mountain Thrust Punch 16. Seven-Star Thrust Punch

17. Slant Body Swing Hand 18. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist

19. Seven-Star Hook Hand 20. Seven-Star Thrust Punch

21. Jump Step Avoid Force 22. Jump Step Avoid force

23. Ascend Mountain Double Fists 24. Grip Hand Lift Knee

25. Ascend Mountain Elbow Strike 26. Seven-Star Hook Hand

27. Ascend Mountain Chop Fist 28. Cover Hand Thrust Punch

29. Seven-Star Turn Cart 30. Seven-Star Thrust Punch

31. Bosom Strike Lift Leg 32. Lift-Strike Lift Leg

33. Continuous Lift Leg 34. Double Hooks Sweep Leg

35. Double Covers Palm Strike 36. Distract-Trick Chop Waist

37. Ascend Mountain Ear Strike 38. Ascend Mountain Crush Fist

39. Seven-Star Hook Hand 40. Seven-Star Thrust Punch

41. Riding Tiger Catching Cicadas 42. Chi Flow

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