Lion Dance

Majestic Lion on a Mountain Top

The Lion Dance course at the UK Summer Camp from 18th to 22nd July 2009 was record-breaking. Course participants learned in 5 days all the fundamentals of Lion Dance what normally most people will take a few years to learn.

Moreover, members of most Lion Dance troupes usually perform only one particular part of the Lion Dance. The star performers play the Head, the Tail or the Drum, while supportive performers play the gong or the cymbals. They do not normally know outside their particular area of performance. But in the course, participants learned and took part in all aspects of Lion Dance. The Laughing Buddha part, however, was not in the course.

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  1. Percussion Music of the Lion Dance
  2. Rhythms and Patterns of the Gong, Cymbals and Drum
  3. Some Fundamental Lion Dance Patterns
  4. Hand Movements, Footwork and Lion Leap
  5. Majestic Lion Dancing to Joyful Percussion Music
  6. Bringing out the Emotions of a Lion
  7. Leaping Lion with a Variety of Percussion Music
  8. Fundamental Features of a Lion Dance Drama
  9. Bringing Life and Excitement to the Dance
  10. Creating Excitement with Fast Beats
  11. Showing Majesty and Leisure Walking
  12. Two-Five, Five-Seven, Seven-Seven-Seven
  13. The Base, the Rhythm and the Melody
  14. Developing Desirable Qualities for Kungfu and Daily Living
  15. From Patterns to Sequences to Drama
  16. An Expression of Joy and Excitement
  17. Safety Precautions in Exciting Adventures
  18. Capturing Green and Sharing Prosperity
  19. Southern Lion Performed Like Northern Lion
  20. Bringing Life and Excitement with Appropriate Music
  21. Co-Ordination between the Lion and the Accompanying Music
  22. Percussion Music for Kungfu and Laughing Buddha
  23. Signature Greeting and Signature Pattern
  24. Exhibiting Courage and Carefulness in Performance and in Daily Life
  25. Showing Majesty and Drinking from Mountain Stream
  26. Climax of Lion Dance Drama
  27. Capturing Heavenly Peaches at a Mountain Cliff
  28. High-Level Performance by Fresh Beginners in Lion Dance
  29. Patterns and Sequences in Lion Dance Music
  30. Why we Can Gain Much in Short Time
  31. Learning and Participating in All Aspects of Lion Dance
  32. The Shaolin Wahnam England Lion Dance Performance
  33. The Shaolin Wahnam North America Lion Dance Performance
  34. Finer Points of Lion Dance Music
  35. Majestic Lion Rides Dragon
  36. Going Beyond Mountain to Search for Gold
  37. Going Across Golden Bridge to Capture Treasure
  38. Finding Three Treasures at Mountain Top

Lion Dance

Lion Dance music is lively and vibrant

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Glimpse of Lion Dance Course at UK Summer Camp 2009