Flowing Water Staff
Grandmaster Wong presses an opponent down with the pattern "Dark Dragon Wags Tail"

What is meant by being marvelous? There are many manifestations. One manifestation is that when you think you have known it all, you are then exposed to a skill or technique that surprises you but which you find so natural that you wonder why you haven't thought of it before.

Some marvelous techniques were revealed at the Flowing Water Staff course conducted by Grandmaster Wong in Frankfurt, Germany on 16th September 2009. This course, however, was not video-typed. But luckily Irina captured some videos at random, and some of these are posted here to show how you can use a staff to counter a spear-thrust.

The spear-thrust is considered the most formidable attacking technique in weapon combat. Hence, in traditional kungfu culture, one is regarded as competent in the use of a weapon only if he can use his chosen weapon to defend against or counter a spear-thrust.

Basic Force Training with a Staff

Flowing Water Staff

These two patterns, "One Strike on Head" and "Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave", found right at the beginning of the staff set are meant for force training. Of course they also have their combat functions.

Defending against the Spear-Thrust

Flowing Water Staff

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates using the spear-thrust to attack Sifu Mark Appleford. Although Grandmaster Wong keeps the initiative, Sifu Mark can readily defend against the attack. In other words, if you merely thrust your spear at your opponent, it is not too difficult for him to defend against it. Then, what is so formidable about the spear-thrust?

Injuring an Opponent with Every Move

Flowing Water Staff

Here Grandmaster Wong demonstrates some marvelous techniques involving the spear-thrust. He can injure the opponent with every move! The interesting aspect is that uninitiated observers may not see anything marvelous in the movements. In other words, an opponent find himself defeated without actually knowing why.

To top it all, Grandmaster Wong says there is nothing very special about the skills and techniques he uses here. Anyone who has learnt how to use a spear, like those who have attended weapon courses of our school where the spear is involved, would know these skills and techniques. If you have forgotten, a clue is that these skills are taught right at the start of a course on the spear.

Six Techniques to Counter a Spear-Thrust

Flowing Water Staff

How would you counter a spear-thrust, especially from an opponent who is trained in applying sophisticated spear techniques? Six techniques are shown in this series, called in Chinese (Cantonese) "chan", "khaik", "chair", "thek", "ngat", "kham", or "vibrate", "strike", "cover", "fell", "press", "capture".

Here the "vibrate: technique is shown. Grandmaster Wong strikes the spear hard with his staff, hoping to vibrate or shake it enough to dislodge it. If not, the hard strike would at least distract the opponent, giving the exponent a good opportunity to follow up with an appropriate attack.

Striking the Opponents Arm or Leg

Flowing Water Staff

Another technique is to deflect the spear-thrust and immediately strike the opponents arm or leg. Then follow up with a decisive strike.

Cover the Opponent so that he Cannot Use his Spear

Flowing Water Staff

Another effective technique is to cover or control the opponent so that he cannot use his spear. Then follow up with a decisive strike.

Felling an Opponent and Removing his Spear

Flowing Water Staff

After "taming" an opponents spear, you can move in to fell him, and remove his spear or strike him decisively.

Pressing Down an Opponent

Flowing Water Staff

Besides felling an opponent, you may press him down so that he no long is able to fight. You may then take away his spear or strike him decisively.

Disarming and Capturing an Opponent

Flowing Water Staff

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates a marvelous technique where he disarms an opponent and captures him.

Another Marvelous Technique to Capture an Opponent

Flowing Water Staff

Here is another marvelous technique to disarm and capture an opponent. Grandmaster Wong highlights that you must ensure your safety from his spear attack when doing so.

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Marvelous Techniques of Flowing Water Staff from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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