Traveling Dragon Sword

Sifu Anthony Spinicchia tears the clothing of an opponent without hurting him using the pattern "Immortal Draws Talismans"

The sword was the choice-weapon of kungfu-knights (jian-xia or free-lance kungfu experts who were chivalrous and often wholesomely amorous) in the past. Instead of killing or maiming their opponents, the kungfu-knights usually just disarmed them or demonstrated their superior swordsmanship over them, like tearing their clothing with the tip of the sword. These video clips provide you with some techniques to be kungfu-knights. Of course you also need the necessary skills.

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The Sword was the Choice-Weapon of Kungfu-Knights

Traveling Dragon Sword Traveling Dragon Sword Traveling Dragon Sword
Immortal Draws Talismans Phoenix Dots Head Separate Mists to Find Silence
Traveling Dragon Sword
Chop the Hua Mountain
Traveling Dragon Sword Traveling Dragon Sword Traveling Dragon Sword
Golden Snake on Ground Golden Snake on Ground Golden Beam Supports Sea

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The Sword was a Choice Weapon of Kungfu Knight from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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