Traveling Dragon Sword

Combat Application of the Traveling Dragon Sword

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  1. How to Execute the Signature Sword Technique Correctly
  2. Don't Use a Sword as a Sabre
  3. The Traveling Dragon Sword Set - Sequences 1 to 5
  4. The Traveling Dragon Sword Set - Sequences 5 to 8
  5. The Traveling Dragon Sword Set - Sequences 9 to 12
  6. Two Approaches in Learning Combat Application
  7. Working Out Applications to Meet Combat Situations
  8. Importance of Avoiding Opponent's Strength
  9. Against a Guan Dao and a Samurai Sword
  10. Agile Footwork and Picture-Perfect Form

  11. Flowing with Opponent's Movement
  12. From Pattern to Situation in Combat Application
  13. Correct Spacing is of Utmost Importance
  14. The Deadly and the Merciful Aspects of Swordsmanship
  15. Sword Patterns are as Combat Effective as they are Beautiful and Poetic
  16. Subtleties of the Sword and the Spear
  17. Kungfu, Armed or Unarmed, is Alive
  18. Great Skills and Techniques are Needed in Using a Sword
  19. Against Heavier as well as Light Weapons
  20. The Sword was the Choice Weapon of Kungfu Knights
  21. Combat Applications of Some Sophisticated Patterns
  22. The Sword is as Beautiful to Watch as it is Combat Effective


Traveling Dragon Sword and its Application

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