Shaolin Combat

Shaolin Combat of Hoong Hei Khoon in Movies

This video clip is taken from a very good old kungfu movie produced by Shaw Brothers of Hong Kong called “Hoong Hei Khoon” (“Hung Xi Guan”), which depicted the burning of the southern Shaolin Temple by the Qing Army. The great Shaolin master Hoong Hei Khoon (in dark dress) is fighting with a high-ranking Manchurian kungfu master.

Except for two patterns, the patterns used by Hoong Hei Khoon here are the same as those we use in our basic combat sequences in Shaolin Wahnam, and they are also almost in the same order. These patterns are “Hand Sweep”, “Golden Dragon”, “Precious Duck”, “Poisonous Snake”, “Throw Ball”, “Yellow Bird”, “Golden Star”, “Black Tiger”, “Golden Lotus”, “Sweep Thousand Armies”, “Dark Dragon”, “White Tiger” and “Green Dragon”.

The two exception patterns are “Throwing Balls Amidst Waves” (found in the “Kungfu Against Western Boxing” webpage) and “White Tiger Presents Claws” found in our “Five Animals” and “Tiger-Crane”.

You can also view the video by clicking on the picture or the caption below

Shaolin Combat of Hoong Hei Khoon in Movies from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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