Siu Lin Tou

Developing internal force using Siu Lin Tou

Wing Choon masters in the past like Yim Wing Choon and Leong Chan were gentle and elegant but well known for their internal force. They did not punch sandbags, and did not lift weights. How did they become so powerful?

Grandmaster Wong learned this secret from his Wing Choon sifu, Patriarch Choe Hoong Choy. Wing Choon masters developed their internal force using Siu Lin Tou. Grandmaster Wong will share this secret with participants of the Comprehensive Wing Choon Course to be held in Penang from 29th April to 5th May 2010.

A glimpse of how Siu Lin Tou can be used to develop internal force can be seen in the videos here. Sifu Rama recorded the videos while Grandmaster Wong was practicing Siu Lin Tou on the Blue Mountain.

Course participants please take note that these videos are meant to give them an idea of the internal force training using Siu Lin Tou. They should not yet perform the set as it is shown.

Force training using Siu Lin Tou takes 3 levels as follows:

What is shown in the videos is the third level. Attempting the third level without accomplishing the second level is likely to perform the set as isometric exercise,which may develop big muscles but not internal force. It may also be harmful.

Later Grandmaster Wong will post new video clips showing how Siu Lin Tou is performed at the Form Level so that participants can learn the set beforehand. They will be taught the Chi Level and the Jing Level at the course. In Chinese (Cantonese) the Chi Level is known as "wan hei" (channeling chi) and the Jing Level as "wan keng" (channeling internal force).

Please chick the pictures or the captions below to view the videos

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Part 1

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Part 2

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Part 3

Siu Lin Tou

Siu Lin Tou – Part 4

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