Penang 29 April to 5 May 2010

Wing Choon Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Tim demonstrating a Wing Choon combat application

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  1. Developing Internal Force Using Siu Lin Tou
  2. Learning the Form of Siu Lin Tou
  3. Cham Kiew or Searching for Bridge
  4. Phew Chee or Thrusting Fingers

Stances and Forms

  1. Reviewing the Basic Stances
  2. Form-Level of Siu Lin Tou

Internal Force with Siu Lin Tou

  1. Using Energy Flow to Move Form
  2. Energy-Flow Level of Siu Lin Tou
  3. Converting Energy Flow to Internal Force
  4. Internal Force Level of Siu Lin Tou
  5. Hard and Soft Internal Force

Chi Sau or Sticking Hands

  1. Introduction ot Chi Sau
  2. The Importance of Waist Rotation
  3. Phong Sau and Kham Sau against Middle Attacks
  4. Low Attacks and their Defences
  5. Chiet Sau or Cutting Hand against Side Attacks

Cham Kiew or Searching for Bridge

  1. Form Level of Cham Kiew
  2. Using Energy to Direct Form, and Converting Energy to Internal Force

Wing Choon Combat Sequence

  1. Sequence of Attacks and Counters
  2. Applying Wing Choon Patterns for Combat

Developing Sensing Skill

  1. Basic Hand Techniques of Stationary Chi Sau
  2. Developing Thien Keng or Sensing Skill
  3. Training of Energy and Mind
  4. The Use of Tactics in Wing Choon Kungfu
  5. Sensing with Mind in Wing Choon Kungfu
  6. Sap Luk Sau or Sixteen hand Techniques
  7. Performing Sap Luk Sau Blind-Folded
  8. Free Movement Chi Sau in Blind-Fold

Hand Techniques in Chi Sau

  1. Taming or Locking Opponent and Simultaneously Striking Him
  2. Excellent Counters Proposed by Course Participants
  3. Exploiting Opponents' Weaknesses in Combat
  4. When you are being Locked and Pressed against a Wall
  5. Moving from In-Gate to Out-Gate
  6. Effective Counters against Grips and holds
  7. No-Defence-Direct-Counter against Formidable Bottom Attacks
  8. Horizontal Chops and Crane Beaks in Side Attacks
  9. Top and Middle Attacks and teeir Counters
  10. Bottom and Side Attacks and theri Counters

Phew Chee and Free Sparring

  1. Learning the Form of Phew Chee
  2. From Pattern Practice to Free Sparring

Kicking Techniques in Chi Sau

  1. Thrust Kicks and their Counters
  2. Smart Practice Makes Perfect
  3. Understanding Wing Choon Principles and Practice
  4. Practicing Chi Sau while being Blind-Folded
  5. Effective Counters against Kicks
  6. Cockerel Kicks against Whirlwind Kicks
  7. Counters against Low Sweeping Kicks
  8. Striking or Intercepting Opponents' Kicks
  9. Sap Ye Theak or Twelve Kicks
  10. How would you Escape from this Difficult Situation

Felling and Chin-Na Techniques

  1. Felling a Giant Almost effortlessly
  2. Turning a Weakness into a Strength
  3. Butterfly Palms against Double-Grip Chin-Na Attack

Sophisticated Applications from Innocent-Looking Patterns

  1. Do you Know the Combat Applications of these Apparently Useless Patterns
  2. Sophisticated Applications of Seemingly Harmless Patterns
  3. Have Fun Deciphering Sophisticated Applications from Innocent-Looking Patterns
  4. Big and Small Movements in Wing Choon Hand Techniques
  5. The Course is Full of Interesting Surprises

Felling, Knee Jabs and Gripping

  1. Felling Techniques in Wing Choon Kungfu
  2. Neutralizing Opponents' Attacks with your Legs
  3. Wing Choon Chin-Na and Counters
  4. Thiet-Cheit-Na or Felling-Kneeing-Gripping

Using Minimum Force against Maximum Strength

  1. How Elegant Ladies can Handle Muscular Brutes
  2. Free Sparring While being Blind-Folded
  3. Deflecting Attacks without Looking at Them

From Technique Sparring to Sequence Sparring

  1. Moving from Technique-Level to Sequence-Level in Sparring
  2. Small Difference in Movements Can Make Big Difference in Result
  3. Applying Planned Sequence Irrespective of Opponents' Response
  4. Don't Hand your Defeat to your Opponent

Delving into Wing Choon Secrets

  1. Marvelous Techniques Beget Marvelous Techniques
  2. Creating Opportunity to Defeat Opponent
  3. Secrets of Crane Beak and Double Punch
  4. Open Secrets and Close Secrets
  5. Secrets of Sequence Sparring

Against Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Taekwondo

  1. Covering the Fast Strikes of a Boxer
  2. Avoiding a Boxer's Strong Pints and Attacking his Weakness
  3. Counters against Hooks and Undercuts
  4. Handling Aggressive Attackers and Counters against Chain Punches
  5. Attacking the Weaknesses of Kick-Boxers
  6. Moving to the Back of an Opponent who Kicks
  7. Effective Counters against Taekwondo Kicks

Against Muay Thai and Wrestling

  1. Counters against Muay Thai Attacks
  2. When Leg Comes, Counter with Leg
  3. Shoots, Lifts and Pin-Downs
  4. Lazy Man Smokes Pipe
  5. Having Fun with Wrestling Attacks and Counters
  6. How did Past Wing Choon Masters Deal with Wrestlers and Grapplers

Grand Finale and Post Script

  1. Free Movement Chi Sau while being Blind-Folded
  2. Sap Lu Sau or Sixteen Hand Techniques
  3. Sap Ye Theak or Twelve Kicks
  4. Thiet-Cheit-Na or Fell-Knee-Grip

Wing Choon Kungfu

Wing Choon Kungfu against Boxing


Comprehensive and In-Depth Course on Wing Choon Kungfu

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