Wing Choon Kungfu

Course participants enjoy free sparring while being blind-folded

Grandmaster Wong keeps his promise that he would teach his special skills of being able to deflect attacks even without looking at them. Course participants have been developing these skills gradually and systematically. Here they put these skills into practice in free sparring while being blind-folded. Not only they need not necessarily be in contact, the attacks include kicks, felling techniques and chin-na. Some participants even report that they actually find their correct responses more spontaneous when they are being blind-folded.

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Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
Troy and Sifu Ronny Paul and Jeroen Dr Roseline and Sifu Joshua
Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
George and Max Sifu Tim and Calvin
Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu Wing Choon Kungfu
Dr Damian and Molly Calvin and Sifu Robin John and Sifu Anthony

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