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The Top Four Shaolin Wahnam Warriors 2010 - Martin Do, George Borisov, Adrian Schmieder and Jorg Rohmann

Drawing inspiration from the "lei tai" competitions of the past as well as from the annual free sparring competitions at the Shaolin Temple to choose the best 10 fighters, the Warrior Project Committee organized the First Shaolin Wahnam International Free Sparring Competition in Frankfurt on 13th September 2010. Competitors from various countries took part.

"Lei tai", literally meaning training-stage, refers to kungfu challenges where no rules applied and no protection gears were worn, and competitors fought until one of them admitted defeat or could not fight further, which usually meant death or serious injury.

Free sparring competitions were held annually at the Shaolin Temple in the past to choose ten best Shaolin warriors. It was full-contact fighting without any protection gears and without any rules, except not striking vital spots like eyes, throat and groin. A controlled strike to these vital spots, i.e. stopping a few inches from target, was considered a winning strike.

There were three outstanding features of the First Shaolin Wahnam Free Sparring Competition:

  1. All the competitors used typical Shaolin or Taijiquan techniques. There were no bouncing around and kick-boxing.
  2. Although it was full-contact fighting without any protection gears, and some of the strikes and kicks were powerful, no one was hurt. The competitors demonstrated good self-defence, not merely punching and kicking wildly.
  3. There was admirable camaraderie amongst competitors, with genuine care shown to opponents. Although some results were very close, there was not a single complain about the decisions of the umpires.

All the competitors performed very well and were exemplary Shaolin Wahnam warriors. This competition could be historic, emulating what kungfu free sparring was like in the past and hopefully setting a model for future kungfu free sparring to follow.

George's conduct during the final match with Martin was commendable. Martin executed a tiger-claw at Georges neck, but because the attack was so fast and hidden from the umpires view from George's body, the umpires did not see it. However, George gallantly stepped back and conceded that the match was over as Martin had successfully applied a tiger-claw on his neck.

Two videos per day of all the matches are shown on Grandmaster Wong's home page . The results are as follows.

Congratulations to the Top Ten Shaolin Wahnam Warriors 2010

Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior
Top Warrior
Martin Do of United Kingdom
2nd Warrior
George Borisov of United Kingdom

Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior
3rd Warrior
Adrian Schmieder of Germany
4th Warrior
Jorg Rohmann of Germany

Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior
5th Warrior
Miguel Ping of Portugal
6th Warrior
Anton Schmich of Germany
7th Warrior
Benedikt Vennan of Germany

Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior Shaolin Wahnam Warrior
8th Warrior
Paul Rankin of United Kingdom
9th Warrior
Irina Janicke of Germany
10th Warrior
Adrian Fiedler


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