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Wudang Taijiquan

Turn Over Yin-Yang

In response to numerous requests, Grandmaster Wong reconstructed the Wudang Taijiquan Set from classical records. Those who attend the Special Shaolin-Taijiquan Course in Sabah, Malaysia from 8th to 18th October 2011 may choose this set as a selective set for special training. Please learn the routine of the set, but do not worry about force yet. At the course the form-flow-force method will be taught.

Section 1

1 Cosmos One Energy 2 Two Aspects of Yin-Yang

3 Nebula Evolving Round 4 Cosmos First Emerges

5 Cosmos First Energes 6 Shift Horse Ask Way

7 Shift Horse Ask Way 8 Ward off and Strike

9 Ward off and Strike 10 Open Window Look at Moon

11 Cannon Fire Toward Sky 12 Golden Tortoise Exposes Back

13 Two Saints Transmit Tao 14 Ape Throws Rope

15 Ape Throws Rope 16 Ape Throws Rope

17 Single Bee Sucks Pollens 18 Gentle Breeze through Sleeves

19 Cannon Fire Toward Sky 20 Spiritual Lion Opens Mouth

21 Green Dragon Tests Claw 22 Playing the Lute

Section 2

23 Old Dragon Wags Tail 24 Old Dragon Wags Tail

25 Wild Horse Charges at Stable 26 White Snake Separates Grass

27 White Snake Separates Grass 28 Turn Over Yin-Yang

29 Separate Clouds See Sun 30 Separate Clouds See Sun

31 Cloud Dragon Shows Elbow 32 Big Boss Holds Elbow

33 Single Bee Sucks Pollens 34 Black Tiger Steals Heart

35 Receive Wind Push Door 36 Receive Wind Push Door

37 Carry Tiger Back to Mountain 38 Playing the Lute

Section 3

39 Dark Dragon Draws Water 40 Wild Horse Charges at Stable

41 Lau Chuan Presents Melon 42 Big Boss Removes Helmet

43 Turn Over Yin-Yang 44 Against Mountain Test Cave

45 Against Mountain Test Cave 46 Monkey Washes Face

47 Golden Eagle Catches Sparrow 48 Din Jia Opens Mountain

49 Gentle Breeze through Sleeves 50 Gentle Breeze through Sleeves

51 Tortoise and Snake in Combat 52 Golden Bird Brushes Brow

53 Jade Girl Threads Shuttle 54 Golden Eagle Spreads Wings

Section 4

55 Playing the Lute 56 Circle Waist Single Hit

57 Cross-Road Present Fists 58 Second Brother Carries Mountain

59 Pure Blade Cuts Grass 60 Hungry Tiger Charges at Prey

61 Pure Blade Cuts Grass 62 Golden Eagle Catches Prey

63 Dark Dragon Moves Elbow 64 Big Bird Circles Flowers

Section 5

65 Move Body Change Shadow 66 Lone Bird Emerges from Flock

67 Swallow Skips Water 68 Empty River Upturn Sea

69 Gentle Breeze through Sleeves 70 Dark Dragon Moves Elbow

71 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun 72 Dark Phoenix Looks at Sun

73 Lovely Horse Flying Kicks 74 Lovely Horse Flying Kicks

75 Wild Horse Charges at Stable 76 Reverse Slipping of Boat

77 Reverse Slipping of Boat 78 Moving Boat Shift Rudder

79 Moving Boat Shift Rudder 80 Black Bear Opens Mouth

81 Yellow Bird Nips Vegetable 82 Black Bear Tests Claw

83 Black Bear Tests Claw 84 Sword Chops Turtle's Head

85 Sword Chops Turtle's Head 86 Golden Eagle Spreads Wings

Section 6

87 Dark Dragon Moves Elbow 88 Numerous Bees at Top

89 Tame Tiger Low Stance 90 White Snake Shoots Venom

91 Thousands Tons to Ground 92 Throw Knee at Chest

93 Ride Horse Lift Spear 94 Cover Hand Thrust Palm

95 Seven Stars to Ground 96 Black Bear Moves Shoulders

97 Black Bears Circles Palms 98 Black Bears Circles Palms

99 Black Bear Cloud Palms 100 Black Bear Cloud Palms

101 Black Crow Flaps Wings 102 Carry Cosmos Maintain One

103 Single Bee Sucks Pollens 104 Lion Turns Body

105 Lion Turns Body 106 Birch Tree Hangs High

107 Birch Tree Hangs High 108 White Crane Flaps Wings

Section 7

109 Wild Horse Charges at Stable 110 Wide Clouds at Purple Summit

111 Turn Back Hang Fist 112 Swallow Through Clouds

113 Change Flower Plant Wood 114 Golden Eagle Spreads Wings

115 Lion Plays with Ball 116 Lion Plays with Ball

117 Lion Plays with Ball 118 Dark Dragon Wraps Body

119 Dark Dragon Wraps Body 120 Golden Snake Circulates Willow

121 Golden Snake Circulates Willow 122 White Crane Flaps Wings

Section 8

123 Cloud Hands Eagle Claws 124 Cloud Hands Eagle Claws

125 Lion Rolls Ball 126 Thrice Thread Palms

127 Swallow Spreads Wings 128 Swallow Spreads Wings

129 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave 130 Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

131 Old Eagle Catches Snake 132 Old Eagle Charges at Prey

133 Southern Rock Thunder Sounds 134 Heaven Pillar Welcomes Sun

135 Wind Wheel Chop Palm 136 Garments Receive Flowing Breeze

137 Garments Receive Flowing Breeze 138 Garments Receive Flowing Breeze

139 Cosmos Returns to One 140 Flowing Breeze Swaying Willows


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