baguazhang, pakua palm

Grandmaster Wong helping Chris to attain picture perfect form

What a great course. I’ve had the pleasure of attending the past few summer camps and again Si Tai Gung has taken his teaching to a new level.

As my brothers have said on day one alone we learnt enough content to take away for at least the next six months. This included the Eight Mother Palms, Circle Walking, and force building.

In the context of the course there are always simple instructions to follow, simple but with deep meaning. If these are followed and taken home our Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Baguazhang will greatly improve.

Si Tai Gung mentioned a number of times picture perfect form and highlighted its importance

Question: Why do we use the patterns and techniques we practice in our training?

Answer: Because of the advantage they give us in combat not only to help us win but also to help us in not handing defeat to our opponent.

When you have picture perfect form the chi flows correctly and this is how Kung Fu practitioners can spar for long periods of time. Not only will they not get tired but actually have more energy than when they started. This is so true today.

We had two great sessions going over and over in detail the form of the combat applications in the Baguazhang set. I have never felt so charged at the end of a full day training.

At one point after having a small chi flow we were ask to go through the patterns we had just practiced. I was so focused from this set that it actually felt as if rather than having two eyes I had one single point of focus, the force and flow were amazing word just don’t do it justice.

I know there are many points that I will take home and would like others to share. Take the time to make sure your form is perfect, slow down you training to make sure pattern by pattern its 100% correct then add the pieces together say three at a time then as you build your set make sure no form is lost, then when the form is correct and you know the set well move to the next level.

Take out the false stops and flow between movements. Again start with just three patterns and build up. if you find that the form is not picture perfect, stop and go back to get it right, then move to flow again. When you have perfect form and correct flow only then add in some force.

Using these methods will give you the best results and deliver Kung Fu that can be used for combat/competitions while also working on many other levels like good health and vitality. If this course is held again make sure you’re on it I can’t wait or day three!!

Worthing, England
19th June 2012

baguazhang, pakua palm

Having picture perfect form gives practitioner the best technical advantage in sparring

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Glimpse of Baguazhang at UK Summer Camp