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Baguazhang is a fabulous style of kungfu built on Circle Walking using the 8 mother-palms. Using only the palm, and not the fingers nor the fist, is a unique feature of Baguazhang.

Baguazhang is famous for its mobile footwork and agility, and Baguazhang exponents may get to the back of opponents before the opponents realize what has happened. Probably because of this feature, many Baguazhang masters are over 80, yet full of vitality and agility. If you wish to be agile and full of vitality at old age, this is an excellent kungfu style to practice.

Because of different lineages, there are different versions of Circle Walking using eight "mother-palms". There are also some slight variations of the eight palms from different versions of Circle Walking.

Our Wahnam version is composed by Grandmaster Wong after a detailed study and analysis of many different versions. It is composed of the following Eight Mother-Palms:

  1. Single-Changing Palm
  2. Double-Changing Palm
  3. Smooth-Flow Palm
  4. Back-Body Palm
  5. Turn-Body Palm
  6. Circle-Body Palm
  7. Rotating-Body Palm
  8. Return-Body Palm

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Part 3 Part 4

You can view the whole set of Baguazhang Circle Walking below

Whole Set

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Baguazhang Circle Walking from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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