baguazhang, pakua palm

Sifu Mark Appleford describing an experience at the Baguazhang course

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to comment on today's course. It was simply Amazing!!!.

The content we covered today would give me enough material to cover the next 6-12 months, and we have another 4 days to go.

I really welcome this addition to our School as to me this represent the ultimate in flowing force and I am already projecting into future training plans of how this will be incorporated.

If Sifu ever runs this course then do it!! Dont think just do it!!

The skill set that you will get from this will take your training in a whole new direction that I can guarantee you will have not considered.

You will gain agility, your ability to dodge will be enhanced 100%, everything will be taken to a whole new level of flow.

In this first day we covered

Walking the circle and its progressions
Internal Force Training specific to the Bagua
The Eight Mother Palms
And much much more............

But I will let others comment on that.

Having studied Bagua with a very good instructor I am in a good position to compare what we have done today and it will come as no surprise that Sifu has done his usual job of innovating the Art.

For me the main highlight of today was the force training methodology that Sifu kindly transmitted. My understanding of this was learning how to develop consolidated force and then move into flowing force and then back into consolidated force and all at a level of mind.

Really Amazing.


Sifu Mark Appleford

"Sincerity is the divine way" - Confucius
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Glimpse of Baguazhang at UK Summer Camp

baguazhang, pakua palm

Sifu Mark Appleford and Richard sparring at the Baguazhang course