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Sifu Angel and Sifu Roland demonstrate a counter against a pin-down

Why are many kungfu exponents unable to fight effectively with martial artists of other styles. An important reason is their lack of combat skills, though they may know a lot of techniques.

A main aim of this course, "Kungfu against Other Styles", is to provide course participants with the necessary combat skills for effective sparring against martial artists of other styles using basic kungfu techniques. When they have become proficient in the skills, they will be efficient in using more sophisticated techniques, such as from their selective sets.

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  1. Kungfu against Boxing
  2. Kungfu against Kick-Boxing and Taekwondo
  3. Felling Techniques of Kungfu
  4. Kungfu against Pin-Downs
  5. Kungfu against Mixed Martial Arts
  6. Kungfu against Muay Thai


Shaolin Kungfu against Other Styles

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