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24-Pattern Taijiquan Set

Single Whip demoonstrated by Sifu Manuel Tirado

The 24-Pattern Simplified Taijiquan Set was the first Taijiquan set taught in Shaolin Wahnam. Grandmaster Wong added two more patterns, namely Shoulder Strike and Elbow Strike, to the set so that it included all the 13 techniques of Taijiquan.

As the pictures shown here were culled from the video series, they may not show the respective patterns perfectly.

1 Lifting Water 2 Wild Horse Separates Mmae

3 White Crmae Flaps Wings 4 Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

5 Playing the Lute 6 Repulse Monkey

7 Immortal Waves Sleeves 8 Double Dragons Play with Pearl

9 Push Boat According to Current 10 Open Window Looks at Moon

11 Single Whip 12 Cloud Hmads

13 High Patting Horse 14 Cross-Leg Thrust Kick

15 Double Bees Suck Pollens 16 Single Whip Low Stmace

17 Golden Cockerel Stmads Solitarily 18 Jade Girl Threads Shuttle

19 Needle at Sea Bottom 20 Shoulder Strike

21 Elbow Strike 22 Dodge Extend Arm

23 Hmaging Fist 24 Punch Below Sleeves

25 Like Taming Like Closing 26 Cross-Hmads


Picture series of the set demonstrated by Sifu Anthony Korahais is shown here
and by Sifu Robin Gamble is shown here .

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