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Baguazhang, Pakua Chang

Baguazhang is famous for getting to the back of opponents

The applications of the 64 typical Baguazhang patterns are shown below. These 64 patterns form the Swimming Dragon Set.

Those who attended the Baguazhang course at the UK Summer Camp 2012 can refer to the relevant secret pages for the finer points in the execution and the depth in the application of these patterns.

Sequence 1 -- Open Window Look at Moon

1. Open Window Look at Moon 2. Black Bear Fells Tree

3. Green Dragon Emerges from Sea 4. Golden Eagle Catches Chicken

5. Scoop Needle from Sea Bottom 6. Reading Spring-Autumn Annual by Night

7. Control a Running Horse 8. Yellow Dragon Shoots Tongue

Sequence 2 -- Pure Blade Cuts Grass

9. Pure Blade Cuts Grass 10. Horizontally Sweeps Thousand Armies

11. Grab Horse Back to Stable 12. Spiritual Snake Enters Hole

13. Serpent Enters Sea 14. Smooth Hand Catch Spear

15. Sparrow Turns Body 16. Spiritual Monkey Rolls on Ground

Sequence 3 -- Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave

17. Yellow Dragon Emerges from Cave 18. Leisurely Grab Goat

19. Yellow Dragon Plays with Water 20. Monkey Steals Peach

21. Swimming Dragon Plays with Water 22. Heavenly King Carries Umbrella

23. Naughty Boy Kicks Door 24. Sleeping Buffalo Stretches Leg

Sequence 4 -- Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves

25. Golden Cockerel Locks Throat 26. Colorful Swallow Flies Aslant

27. Breeze Sways Lotus Leaves 28. Lazy Man Plucks Fruit

29. Golden Dragon Spirals Around Pillar 30. Reverse Hand Pluck Fruit

31. White Ape Presents Fruit 32. Old Eagle Turns Body

Sequence 5 -- Strange Python Turns Body

33. Golden Cicada Removes Shell 34. Strange Python Turns Body

35. Green Dragon Turns Body 36. Cloud Dragon Lies on Pillow

37. Embrace Moon in Bosom 38. Wild Horse Charges at Stable

39. Fierce Tiger Descends Mountain 40. Wild Crane Kicks Leg

Sequence 6 -- Big Boss Removes Helmet

41. Jade Girl Kicks Shuttle 42. Snow Flakes on Top

43. Lion Rolls Ball 44. Yellow Oriole Dots Water

45. Lion Plays with Ball 46. Green Dragon Shoots Pearl

47. Green Snake Enters Grass 48. White Monkey Presents Fruit

Sequence 7 -- Green Dragon Returns Head

49. Dark Draton Draws Water 50. Green Dragon Returns Head

51. Wind Strikes Brain-Gate 52. Horizontally Bar Rushing Horse

53. Cloud Dragon Rushes at Sky 54. Cloud Dragon Spirals Round

55. Lift Hand Touch Heaven 56. White Snake Shoots Venom

Sequence 8 -- Cloud Dragon Returns Head

57. Chop the Hua Mountain 58. Immortal Lifts Pot

59. Phoenix Robs Nest 60. White Ape Presents Fruit

61. General Receives Horse 62. Push Mountain into Sea

63. Old Eagle Catches Bird 64. Separate Grass Search for Snake


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