Xingyiquan, Hsing Yi Kungfu

The explosive force of pao quan or cannon fist, is characteristic of Xingyiquan

Five main techniques, known as the five elemental fists, form the core of Xingyiquan, or Hsing Yi Kungfu. These five techniques are

  1. Pi quan, or Thrust Palm
  2. Zuan quan, or Spiral Fist
  3. Beng quan, or Crushing Fist
  4. Pao quan, or Cannon Fist
  5. Heng quan, or Horizontal Chop

Please note that the translation above is figurative. Pi quan is usually translated literally as Chopping Fist, and heng quan as Diagonal Fist.

In Chinese, the word "pi" is usually used to mean "chop". Hence literally "pi quan" is "chopping fist". But "pi" can sometimes used to mean "thrust out an attack" as in this case. And here the palm and not the fist is used. Hence, "pi quan" is translated as "thrust palm", which is more meaningful.

There are two versions of "heng quan". One is a diagonal fist, and the other is a horizontal chop. Both versions are used in our practice, but the horizontal chop is emphasized, hence its translation.

You can view all the five elemental fists together. Please click on the picture below to view them on this page, or click on the caption to view them at Vimeo.

Xingyiquan Five Elemental Fist from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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