Shaolin Kungfu counters against Boxing Attacks

Strike Form Chase Shadow

“When there is form, strike the form; if there is no form, chase the shadow.” This tactic, known in Chinese as “yow yin ta yin, mo yin choui ying” (Cantonese pronunciation), is effectively used here by Nicky of Shaolin Wahnam England against a Boxer.

Davie of Shaolin Wahnam Scotland, on the other hand, uses the tactic of “Intercept and Strike”, which is “chit ta” in Chinese (Cantonese pronunciation). These tactics manifest the principle of “Minimizing the Opponent's Strength, Exploiting his Weakness”, which is “pei choong ta hang” in Chinese (Cantonese pronunciation), and literally it means “Avoid the Heavy, Strike the Light”. There is much laughter in Shaolin Wahnam training.

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Strike Form Chase Shadow from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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