Free Sparring

Free Sparring (Part 1)

The grand finale of the regional Shaolin Kungfu course was free sparring amongst the participants, which lasted for about half an hour. We are particular glad of the following four achievements by the participants. They could use kungfu patterns effectively for free sparring, no one was hurt, they were not tired nor panting at the end of the session, the free sparring was both enjoyable and beneficial for personal development.

Our outstanding performer was Rosa, a young mother of two lovely children, who is shown in this video clip free sparring with her instructor, Professor Inaki Rivero Urdiain. Seeing how fluidly and spontaneously Rosa spars, it is difficult for some people to believe that she had no prior martial art training before this three-day Shaolin Kungfu course and another three-day Wahnam Taijiquan course just before this.

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Testing the Shaolin Wahnam Sparring Methodology on Beginners -- Part 12 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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