Free Sparring

Free Sparring (Part 3)

Both Espera and Carlos had no prior martial art experience, though Carlos also attended a three-day Wahnam Taijiquan course just before this.

Expera had much difficulty on the first day performing the kungfu forms correctly and remembering the patterns in the combat sequences. But with systematic practice which she told us that she enjoyed much, she progressed remarkably and could perform reasonably well on the third day.

It is obvious from the video that Carlos purposely slows down to help Espera in the free sparring. We are very proud of Espera, who overcame initial difficulties and is able to use typical kungfu patterns for free sparring within three days.

She also has no illusion that although she can apply kungfu for free sparring, she still may not defend herself well if a street fighter were to attack her now. But she is confident that if she continues to practice what she has learnt in this course for a year, she will not only be able to defend herself against ordinary attackers, but also enjoy the many non-combat benefits that kungfu training is purported to give.

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Testing the Shaolin Wahnam Sparring Methodology on Beginners -- Part 14 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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