Free Sparring

Beginning Stage of Free Sparring

This video shows students at the start of their free sparring session. Those who are used to free sparring being random hitting and kicking one another may find the free sparring shown here odd.

We call this free sparring because students at this stage are free to use whatever techniques or movements they like in the sparring. Earlier their sparring was pre-arranged or defined by certain conditions, such as using only hand strikes. It is only sensible and logical that they choose to use what they have learnt.

It is understandable that their movements are slow and not powerful. Most of them are new to martial arts, and they did not have any experience of free sparring before. It is significant and inspiring that even when they free spar the first time, they can use typical Taijiquan patterns.

It is even more significant and inspiring that they do not hurt one another, and that there is much laughter and comradeship. As all the videos in this series are taken impromptu, without any prior arrangement to show them to the public, it is a pity we do not have videos taken at the later part of their free sparring session.

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Beginning Free Sparring in Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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