Sparring with defined conditions

Sparring with Defined Conditions

As a poor substitute for a video clip showing free sparring at a later stage of their free sparring session (which we do not have) we have here a video clip showing sparring with defined conditions. This video was taken earlier than the one showing the beginning of a free sparring session. In this video clip the movements are not pre-arranged, but are limited to only pre-determined techniques, which in this case are palm thrusts to the top level. Why are the combatants not allowed to use other techniques? After all there are no restrictions in a real fight. To do so would be unsystematic training, which is a main reason why today many Taijiquan and other kungfu practitioners cannot apply their techniques for combat. In this video clip one can also see a vast difference in skills, such as between Inaki and Manuel on one hand, and Anna and Anne on the other hand, although the techniques used are the same. This is because Inaki and Manuel are advanced practitioners whereas Anaa and Annes are beginners. By comparing the earlier video clip showing Carlos and Anna at the beginning stage of their free sparring training where they have practiced Taijquan for only three days,, one may also have an indication of what their free sparring would be like if they improve their skills by practicing for another three months.

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