Stance Training

Taijiquan Stance Training

Stance training or “zhan zhuang” is very important in Taijiquan and all other styles of kungfu. It develops internal force and builds the foundation for all subsequent training. A main reason why participants of this course progressed so fast was our emphasis on stance training.

The stance they performed in the video was the Horse-Riding Stance, with their both open palms at breast level. This particular pattern is called “Carrying the Sun and Moon”. The person performing the stance in front is Professor Inaki Rivero Urdiain, a Shaolin Wahnam instructor in San Sebastian, Spain.

We are sorry that this video clip is quite short as the video recording was impromptu and that we do not have other video clips to show other stances. Despite it being short we post this video clip to emphasize the importance of stances in our training.

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Taijiquan Stance Training from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.

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