Happy Bird

Kicking techniques are very effective in Shaolin Kungfu, but these kicks are purposely inconspicuous. There are some innate weaknesses when applying kicks which a skillful exponent must be aware of and he must also know how to neutralize them if his opponent exploits these weaknesses.

The “Happy Bird Hops Up Branch” kungfu set is practiced in Shaolin Wahnam to train kicking attacks as well as counters against kicks, and incorporates Combat Sequences 9-12 of our basic combat training programme

This set is demonstrated by Ronan Sexton of England. You may also view photographs of this set at /review/happy-bird.html .

The size of the video clip is 4570 KB.

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You can view the video here by clicking the picture below, or view the video at Vimeo by clicking the cpation.

Shaolin Wahanm Combat Seuence Set -- Happpy Bird Hops up Branch from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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