Black Crow Folds Wings

Two opponents hold your arms at both side, threatening to break your elbows. What would you do? This is a question Sifu Wong received from a reader of the Question-Answer Series, and which he posted to some assistant instructors at the Summer Camp in England in July 2005. Here Innes of Shaolin Wahnam Scotland demonstrates how he overcomes the situation using the Shaolin pattern “Black Crow Flaps Wings”.

Some internal force is needed for this application. As Innes is big in size, some people may have the mis-conception that being big in size in necessary for this counter. So Sifu Wong asked Hubert, who is smaller in size, to demonstrate overcoming the same situation. Hubert uses another pattern, “Big Bird Spreads Wings”. You can view Hubert's application here.

Please click the picture below or click the caption to view the video

Black Crow Folds Wings from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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