Counter against the Choke

The choke is a popular technique wrestlers and other martial artists use on their opponent when they are on the ground. During a recess at the Summer Camp in England in July 2005, some assistant instructors asked Sifu Wong how a Shaolin practitioner would deal with a choke. Instead of giving them an answer, Sifu Wong asked them to try out overcoming the combat situation on their own using typical kungfu techniques.

To their pleasant surprise they could do so quite readily. This video clip shows an example. Mark, an assistant instructor of Shaolin Wahnan England, first uses the pattern “Intelligent Monkey Rolls on Ground”, then the pattern “Hungry Tiger Returns to Den” to overcome Jamie, an assistant instructor from Shaolin Wahnam Scotland, applying a choke on him.

Please click the picture below or click the caption to view the video

Counter against the Chock from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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