Ground Work in Shaolin Kungfu

It is a common mis-conception that kungfu is poor in ground work. Not only there are some excellent ground work techniques in kungfu, many techniques that are used when standing can also be used when the exponent is on the ground. During a recess at the Summer Camp in England in July 2005, Sifu Wong asked some assistant instructors how they would overcome some combat situations on the ground.

This video clip shows Jamie, an assistant instructor from Shaolin Wahnam Scotland, fell Mark, an assistant instructor from Shaolin Wahnam England, onto the ground and begins to elbow him on his face. Mark pushes away the elbow attack, uses the pattern “Carb Turns Body” to get up and then controls Jamie with the pattern “Hungry Tiger Returns to Den”.

Please click the picture below or click the caption to view the video

Groundwork in Shaolin Kungfu from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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