Counters against the Shoot

There are many counters in kungfu against the Shoot, which is a popular technique used by wrestlers and other martial artists to take down an opponent. Another video clip shows Sifu Wong prevents an opponent from applying the Shoot when he is about to do so. This video clip shows Sifu Wong uses the kungfu pattern called “Spiritual Dragon Crouches on Ground” to control Jamie, an assistant instructor of Shaolin Wahnam Scotland, who has already grasped both of Sifu Wong's legs for the Shoot. By skillfully sitting down on his Unicorn Stance, Sifu Wong locks Jamie's both hands, while his other two hands are free to strike Jamie.

But even without the hand strikes, the locking of the opponent's arms with the legs can cause much pain at the opponent's elbows. This excellent kungfu technique enables the kungfu exponent to regulate the injury he may or may not want to cause the opponent. He may, for example, dislocate the opponent's elbows, smash the opponent's skull, or just hold him under control with sufficient pain so he will admit defeat.

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Counter against the Shoot -- Part 2 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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