Northern Shaolin Long Fist

“Zhang Quan” which is often literally translated as “Long Fist” is a generic name for many Northern Shaolin kungfu styles as well as Northern Shaolin kungfu sets. For example, Chaquan and Baoquan, two famous Northern Shaolin styles, are classified as “long fists”. “Mother-Child” and “Open Gate Cannon”, which are the two fundamental kungfu sets of Chaquan and Baoquan respectively, can also be referred to as “long fists”.

In this video clip Sifu Wong demonstrates to Michael Chow, who has won gold medals in international “Long Fist” competitions, some combat applications of typical “Long Fist” techniques. To show that the “Long Fist” technique of “Throwing Hand” can be used to fell a heavy opponent, Sifu Wong demonstrates it on David Ko, another international wushu gold medalist.

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Northern Shaolin Long Fist -- Part 1 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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