Northern Shaolin Long Fist

“Chang Quan” or “Long Fist” is the first of the seven categories of wushu established by modern China. The crucial difference between wushu, which is a demonstrative sport, and kungfu, which is a fighting art, is not in their forms or appearances. Indeed wushu forms and kungfu forms are similar. The crucial difference is in their application. If we can apply wushu forms for combat, especially with internal force, wushu may become high level kungfu.

While we at Shaolin Wahnam practice kungfu, we have much respect for wushu too, knowing very well that wushu practitioners spend much time perfecting their art, and we are very proud of the many wushu gold medalists in our midst. Here Sifu Wong shows Michael Chow, an international wushu champion, how to apply Long Fist techniques for combat. The main technique shown here is known as “Separate Fists”, called “Cross-Hand Separate Gold” in Shaolin and “Big Opening” in Taijiquan. Among many other applications, it is an effective counter against an opponent charging in with a “shoot” or “take-down”.

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Northern shaolin Long Fist -- Part 2 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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