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Transition from Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring — Part 2

This impromptu video clip shows Nicky and Hubert practice sparring on a windy, winter morning in Ireland in February 2005. Is their sparring free or pre-arranged? It is neither, or either. Nicky and Hubert are in the process of transition from pre-arranged to free sparring. At the stage shown in the video clip, about 70% of their sparring is pre-arranged and 30% free.

It is a progression from the stage shown in Part 1 in another video clip where only about 10% is free. Systematically releasing the control of random movements is a key factor in training students to free spar or fight effectively using typical kungfu skills and techniques.

The training method used here, called “Addition and Subtraction” by us in Shaolin Wahnam, is excellent for this purpose. It overcomes two big problems faced by many kungfu practitioners, namely how to implement a series of selected techniques efficiently as an attacker, and how to defend against or counter a series of attacks coming at you randomly as a defender. Nicky and Hubert are doing remarkably well here. They have practiced Shaolin Kungfu for only nine months!

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Transition from Pre-Arranged to Free Sparring -- Part 2 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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