Tan Tui or Spring-Kicks

A Tan Tui sequence is formidable only when its exponent is fluent and skilful in the individual patterns that constitute the sequence. Hence, Sifu Wong explains to Michael Chow the numerous applications of the pattern “Block Hand Thrust Punch” (known as “Lift Pot Offer Wine” in Southern Shaolin, and “Double Bows Tame Tiger” in Taijiquan) found in a sequence.

For example, irrespective of whether an opponent attacks with an upper chop or a hand grip, the Tan Tui exponent can apply “Block Hand Thrust Punch”. As soon as the opponent wards off the thrust punch and almost irrespective of how he counter-attacks, the Tan Tui exponent can immediately follow up with “Hang Fist Thrust Kick”. The Tan Tui techniques are simple but their combat applications are profound.

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Tantui or Spring Kicks -- Part 3 from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.


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