Free Sparring using Shaolin Kungfu

Gripping with the Tiger Claw

Kungfu is a complete art, whereas many other martial arts are incomplete and hence their practitioners have to cross-train. A Judo exponent and a Taekwondo exponent, for example, would have to borrow techniques outside their own arts to counter each other's attacks in a real fight because kicks and throws are not allowed in their arts respectively.

In kungfu, besides strikes and kicks, you may also attack with grips and throws. At the start of this video clip, Joshua grips Simon's arm and attempts to break his elbow, but Simon successfully releases the grip. At the end of the clip, Joshua grips Simon's elbow with a Tiger-Claw, and Simon is about to counter it.

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Gripping with Tiger-Claw from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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