Taijiquan against Boxing

Understanding how an opponent fights is an essential aspect in combat efficiency. Hence, in order to fight effectively against a Boxer, participants first imitate how a Boxer himself fights. Then they apply the Taijiquan technique known as “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves” to keep a Boxer at bay. In Shaolin Kungfu this pattern is known as “Fierce Dragon Across Stream”.

Both names have significant connotation. In Chinese idiom, “Fierce Dragon Across Stream” is often used to describe a capable fighter. A punch, like a strike from a Boxer, is characterized as a Tiger. It is appropriate to have a stream-crossing Dragon to intercept the Tiger. If the interception is successful, there is no need to progress to fighting. Hence, “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves” implies that it is unnecessary to roll up one's sleeves to fight.

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Keeping a Boxer at Bay from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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