Taijiquan against Boxing

After being able to keep a Boxer at bay using “Lazy to Roll up Sleeves” as well as developing the skill of observing the opponent calmly, the next step is to counter attack as he strikes.

As the Boxer throws a jab, often regardless of whether the jab is a real or a feign attack, deflect his jab with one hand and strike his chest with the other, employing the Taijiquan pattern “Jade Girl Threads Shuttle” and implementing the principle of “starting later but arriving earlier”.

Be careful that the opponent may throw another jab with the other hand, especially if the first jab is a feign move, in which case change the attacking hand into a deflecting hand, and the deflecting hand into a palm strike into his chest.

A palm strike with internal force on the solar plexus can cause serious injury or even kill. So take care not to hurt your partner in your training.

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Jade Girl Threads Shuttle of Wahnam Taijiquan from Wong Kiew Kit on Vimeo.



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