VIP Taijiquan

VIPs and their wives practicing Wahnam Taijiquan for stress management and peak performance

Wahnam Taijiquan excellently serves the needs of leaders of commerce and industries. Besides helping them to manage stress and attain peak performance, it gives them vitality and mental freshness as well as provides them with some basic self-defence and recreation. Moreover it is convenient. It needs only about 15 minutes of practice in the comfort of their home.

The following video clips give a glimpse of a four-day Taijiquan course specially designed for some corporate presidents and their wives, conducted in September 2005 at Villa de Leyva, a holiday resort on the Andes Mountains. Although most of the participants had no previous martial art experience, by the end of the course they could experience internal force and apply Taijiquan techniques for self defence.

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  1. Fundamentals of Taijiquan
  2. Taijiquan Pushing Hands
  3. Taijiquan Striking Hands


Glimpse into VIP Taijiquan Course

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