countering lift and shoot

Countering Lift and Shoot

Sifu Kai demonstrates more counters against the “lift” and the “shoot”. As a wrestler moves in for a “lift” or a “shoot”, move a step backward and strike the vital points at both sides of his collar bones using the pattern “Double Dragons Emerge from Sea” (“Seong Loong Chuit Hoi”). If he succeeds in grabbing your legs, hold his both sides and fall back, simultaneously kicking up at his groin using the pattern “Reverse Kicking Purple Bell” (“Thor Theak Chi Kam Choong”). Sifu Kai explains that a wrestle often initiates with a false move to the opponent's head. If you are not in time to move back your front leg to apply “Double Dragons Emerge from Sea”, you can move your back leg a small leg backward and stop him with both of your elbows using the pattern “Double Dragons Carry Moon”. If you wonder whether such strikes by elbows or fingers could be powerful enough to stop a wrestler, take note that this “Carry Moon” pattern accidentally hurt Eugene so deeply that it took him a month of treatment and remedial chi kung to recover. You can read about Eugene's own account here . But of course you need internal force to cause such injury.

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