January to June 2002

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January 2002 (Part 1)

The Buddha

This is the great cosmic Truth taught in all great religions at their highest levels, but the same one Truth is described in different words like "God", "Buddha", "Tao", "Allah" and "Brahman". Seekers of Truth at the highest level cultivate to return to this same one Truth. Lesser followers cultivate to be reincarnated in heaven.

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January 2002 (Part 2)

Bodhisattva Guan Yin

For human beings, a sure way to go to heaven is to accumulate blessings, i.e. avoid evil and do good. Some people may think this statement is trite, but it is a great cosmic truth. There is not just one but literally countless heavens. Even in our Saha world alone there are twenty two heavenly realms. In the heavenly realm immediately above our human realm, there are four heavens. Our Saha world is only one of the millions of worlds in one galaxy, and there are countless galaxies in the universe, each with its own world system teeming with life.

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January 2002 (Part 3)


The best claim of Shaolin Kungfu to being the greatest martial art is that it leads the practitioner to the greatest achievement any being can ever attain, i.e. enlightenment. This, in fact, was why and how Shaolin Kungfu started. When the great Bodhidharma taught the Shaolin monks "Eighteen Lohan Hands" which later developed into Shaolin Kungfu, his intention was not to enable the monks to fight better, not even to attain better health, but as a means towards enlightenment.

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February 2002(Part 1)


Souls, human as well as non-human, change their bodies countless times in their development. Most souls are ignorant, and they wander from existence to existence endlessly. Only after having accumulated a lot of blessings, a soul may be reincarnated as a human being.

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February 2002 (Part 2)

Dragon Dance

The generation line of real Shaolin monks ended about 150 years ago when the southern Shaolin Temple at Quanzhou in Fujian Province, which was built in the Ming Dynasty by imperial degree, was razed by the Qing Army. The Venerable Zhi Zhan (Chee Seen) escaped and built a secret southern Shaolin Temple at the Nine Lotus Mountain, also in Fujian Province.

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February 2002 (Part 3)

Combat Application of Taijiquan

Basically kungfu is for combat, and chi kung is for health. Many people know this statement but not many really understand its meaning. If they know its meaning, they would have realized that what they practise is not kungfu if they cannot use it for combat.

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March 2002 (Part 1)

Body Movement

Let us compare the two techniques. When you bounce about, you use three movements. Worse, you have to break momentum, i.e. you move backward in one direction, check your direction, and move forward in the reversed direction. When you swerve in your stance, you use only one movement in one smooth momentum, without any break in between.

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March 2002(Part 2)

Kungfu training

Modernized wushu is different from traditional kungfu. Traditional kungfu is a martial art, and great traditional kungfu like Shaolin includes chi kung and spiritual cultivation. Modernized wushu is a sport. A modern wushu student does not learn self-defence, chi kung or spiritual cultivation. I use the prefix "modernized" to avoid possible confusion, because the term "wushu" is actually the term the Chinese use to refer to what in the West would call "kungfu".

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March 2002(Part 3)

Three-Circle Stance

Some of the best moments in my life were spent helping people to walk normally again after they had been told by specialists they would be in wheel chairs for life. For example, a young woman was literally run over by a truck. Doctors said she was very lucky to survive but had to be in a wheel chair for life. I helped her to walk out of hospital, albeit with much difficulty, within a month of practicing chi kung learnt from me! It was unbelievable but true. She was back to normal in sic months.

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April 2002 (Part 1)


There is a saying in Chinese that "becoming a monk calls for courage and responsibility even prime ministers and army generals may not measure to." Becoming a monk marks one of the highest points and happiest moments in one's life. It is a tremendously great achievement. He is very clear of his spiritual path, and makes the great sacrifice, renouncing his family, all worldly pleasures, and all aspects of the phenomenal worlds (including heavens) so that he can whole-heartedly focus on attaining the greatest goal, that of actualizing cosmic reality.

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April 2002 (Part 2)

Snake pattern

My Shaolin training has opened my heart and has liberated my spirit, and I have also helped many people open their hearts and liberate their spirit. Many of my students and I have directly experienced what great spiritual masters have recorded in their writings, and which most ordinary people would regard as myths. We know what Cosmic Reality or the Universal Mind -- called by some people as God - is, because we have had glimpses of it -- or Him. I don't think any other martial art, perhaps with the exception of Taijiquan, can enable me to accomplish even a few of these wonderful benefits.

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April 2002(Part 3)

Bruce Lee

I have much respect for Bruce Lee as a martial artist and regard him as one of the best in his era. He did a lot for the popularity of kungfu in the world, and was often known as the kungfu king. But, in my opinion, what he taught as well as shown in his movies was not traditional kungfu -- although the movies were advertised as kungfu movies and accepted by the public as such!

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May 2002 (Part 1)

Head Stand

A crucial difference between genuine chi kung and gentle physical exercise is that chi kung works on energy whereas gentle physical exercise only works on the physical body like bones, muscles and joints. Many people think that they practice chi kung when actually they only practice gentle physical exercise.

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May 2002 (Part 2)

Snake Pattern

From the chi kung perspective, every person is made up of three components, namely jin, qi (chi) and shen, or physical form, energy and spirit. A person becomes depressed when his spirit is weak. For the past few hundred years, western culture has ignored the spirit. Both western science and western medicine do not recognize that the spirit exists.

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May 2002 (Part 3)

Chinese medicine

Indeed, this change of philosophical perspective may bring far-reaching consequences to the future development of western medicine. If western medical scientists and researchers can shift their perspective from overcoming diseases at specific parts of the body, to restoring the health and vitality of the whole person, they may make some break-through in their present impasse concerning chronic, degenerative diseases and psychiatric disorders.

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June 2002 (Part 1)


The Ten Shaolin Laws are not directed to the superior man; rather, they are practical means to help an ordinary man to become a superior man. They are also not made by or in Heaven, or enacted through Heaven. They are the crystallization of the kind of philosophical values and practical behaviour Shaolin disciples cherish as ideal.

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June 2002 (Part 2)

Organ-Seeking Kick

Many kungfu students have heard that "zhan zhuang" or "chat ma" is very important in kungfu, but most of them do not know why. They think that stance training develops solid stances, which is only part of the picture. More important than solid stances, stance training develops internal force and mental clarity.

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June 2002 (Part 3)

Pushing Hands

God exists in three main forms -- as the Holy Spirit, as the Father, and as the Son. God as the whole Universe as you told your mother when you were a child, is God the Holy Spirit, i.e. everything there is from time eternal is God the Holy Spirit. God the Father is the form that the Church normally shows him to be. It is the majestic divine form in all His glory that some pious Christians may actually see. God the Son is manifested in Jesus Christ, as well as in all of us. It is the form you mean when you say we are part of God or pieces of Him.

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