January to June 2011

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January 2011 Part 1

Shaolin Kung Fu

Many people have been amazed at my kungfu understanding. I could watch someone perform his favorite set which I did not know earlier, then tell him the applications of the patterns as well as other aspects of the set that he himself did not know. I owed much of this ability to my having learnt and practiced many kungfu sets.

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January 2011 Part 2

Iron Wire

Because of our skills in energy management, we can make our energy flow vigorously or we can slow down the flow to let it consolidate into internal force. We do this at the mind level, and it happens instantly, whereas other practitioners work at the physical level, using physical movement to make the energy flow vigorous or let it consolidate into internal force, and their operation takes more time.

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January 2011 Part 3

Shaolin Seven-Star Set

A good way to test whether you have the required skills is whether you can generate an energy flow. You will know what it means when you are able to do so, just like you will know what "eating a mango" means whey you are actually eating a mango.

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February 2011 Part 1

chi flow

We in Shaolin Wahnam have benefited tremendously from our philosophy and practice, and are dedicated to pass on the wonderful benefits of our arts to deserving students as well as to disseminate right information.

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February 2011 Part 2

Tiger-Tail Kick

I gave the best instructions at the best time and also in the right tone. The same instruction given at a different time may produce a different result.

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February 2011 Part 3

Injury Free

I am shocked at the amount of injuries students, and even masters, sustain in their martial art training. I am more shocked that these injuries are routinely left unattended to.

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March 2011 Part 1

Double Dragons Play with Water

You may have confused satori with enlightenment. A satori is a spiritual awakening, whereas enlightenment is the highest spiritual attainment where one is totally immersed in the Universal Being. A satori is at the beginning of a long and noble spiritual path, whereas enlightenment is at the completion.

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March 2011 Part 2

Zhang San Feng

I believe we in Shaolin Wahnam have arrived at a very special point in kungfu history. We are now in a very special and privileged position to offer our students and instructors a wide variety of kungfu styles as well as relevant arts, like business negotiation, singing and art appreciation, which not only enhance our kungfu performance but more significantly also enrich our daily lives.

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March 2011 Part 3

Shaolin Kung Fu

My Intensive Shaolin Kungfu Course is more a course for personal development than for physical fighting. The course will push participants to their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual limits, so that they will emerge from the course a better person in all their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

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April 2011 Part 1

White Crane Flaps Wings

In Shaolin Kungfu, the "five animals" are the Dragon, the Snake, the Tiger, the Leopard and the Crane. We may look at the Shaolin Five Animals from two dimensions, the external and the internal. This is for convenience. In good kungfu, both the external and internal are integrated. Speed, for example, is both external and internal.

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April 2011 Part 2

Amitabha Buddha

Yes, it is true that due to the great compassion of Amitabha Buddha, even sinners can be reborn in the Sukhawati, or the Western Paradise of Etenal Bliss if they fulfill the conditions as laid down by the Buddha himself.

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April 2011 Part 3

Kungfu combat

Indeed, it is saddening to see most kungfu practitioners today throw away their stances and bounce around, and throw away their own safety and attack senselessly.

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May 2011 Part 1


Why can't one learn chi kung, kingfu, swimming, driving or surgery from books and practice correctly? It is because he may know the techniques, but lack the skills to perform the techniques correctly. Not many people appreciate or even know the difference between techniques and skills.

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May 2011 Part 2

Shaolin Kungfu

Many kungfu students today not only do not derive the benefits kungfu is supposed to give, but become more unhealthy and stressful as a result of their practice. This may seem odd, but is true.

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May 2011 Part 3

Three-Circle Stance

Wise seekers should first of all make sure that the persons to whom they seek advice are experts in their fields. The seekers should be polite and humble in their quest for advice. Yet, they should not accept the advice solely based on the reputation of the advisers; they should access the advice to the best of their understanding and experience.

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June 2011 Part 1

Wing Choon Kungfu

I would take this opportunity to mention a very important lesson. In one's progress to become a real master, he (or she) will inevitably come to a stage where he feels he is immensely powerful. In my case I felt I was as powerful as, or even more powerful than, gods! Luckily for me, I knew this lesson well, and remained humble despite my feeling of immense power.

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June 2011 Part 2

Chinese medicine

Western medicine and Chinese medicine use different paradigms. It is important to note that a paradigm is not a set of absulute truths, but a particular way of viewing things. But often people are so used to a certain paradigm that they forget that it is only a particular way of view things.

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June 2011 Part 3

Taijiquan sparring

Martial arts have been debased to such a ridiculous level that most kungfu practitioners today, including some masters, cannot use their kungfu patterns for attack and defence. If they ever have to fight, they use Kick-Boxing.

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