Jesus Christ

God the Son is manifested in Jesus Christ

Question 1

Is the Trinity concept related to the Triple Body of the Buddha?

— Juan Antonio. Spain


Yes, it is. In the Trinity concept, we have God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. In the Triple Body of the Buddha, we have the Transformational Body of the Buddha, the Reward Body of the Buddha, and the Spiritual Body of the Body.

God the Son is manifested in Jesus the Christ. The Transformational Body of the Buddha, in our present era, is manifested in Siddharta Guatama. Pious Christians see God the Father in heaven. Pious Buddhists see the Reward Body of the Buddha in heaven. For example, Buddhists of the Pure Land School see Amitabha Buddha in the Western Paradise.

God the Holy Spirit is everything there is. He is omnipotent and omnipresent, eternal and infinite. Buddhists call this the Spiritual Body of the Buddha. Returning to God the Holy Spirit or attaining Enlightenment is the highest achievement any being can attain. It is called by different terms in different cultures and religions, like union with God and attaining the Tao.

Question 2

What is internal force? What are its benefits?


Internal force is self-explanatory. It is force generated from inside our body, as opposed to external force derived from outside.

Internal force is not limited by size, age and gender, whereas external force is. Thus, a slander woman of 60 can be more forceful than a huge man of 30.

A kungfu saying mentions that internal force is derived from training essence, energy and mind, whereas external force is derived from training muscles, bones and flesh. Hence, when you repeat graceful movements many times, regulate your breathing or attain a higher level of consciousness, you train internal force. When you develop big muscles, hit your arms against poles or toughen your flesh by conditioning, you train external force.

There are three main functions or benefits of internal force, namely to maintain life, to enhance life, and to enable you to do better no matter what you do.

The force that eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses, controls mutated cells so that they cannot cause harm, flush out negative emotions, enables you to walk and talk and carry out countless activities daily to ensure that life goes on, is internal force. This is the most important benefit of internal force.

The second benefit, enhancing life, can be manifested in countless ways. If earlier you would be easily tired or panting but now you won't, if earlier you had to read something a few times and yet be puzzled but now you can comprehend clearly by reading only once, if earlier you loathed to go to work but now you enjoy your job, then you have enhanced your life with an increase of internal force.

The third benefit is similar to the second but not quite the same. With internal force, no matter what you do in your work or play, you can do better and in less time. For example, previously you needed five hours to complete some work, but now you can finish it in three hours yet with better result, or previously you had to avoid certain food for health reasons but now you can enjoy eating it without side effects, internal force has enabled you to perform better irrespective of what you do.

chi flow

The crucial difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung is energy flow

Question 3

As the Eighteen-Lohan Art is more powerful than Eighteen Lohan Hands, can we just learn a few patterns from the Eighteen Lohan Hands for preparation, then concentrate only on the Eighteen-Lohan Art?


You can. You can even start straight-away with the Eighteen-Lohan Art without first learning the Eighteen Lohan Hands. But if you have an opportunity to learn the Eighteen Lohan Hands, you will get better benefits by learning them first, only then you learn the Eighteen-Lohan Art.

There are many advantages in learning the Eighteen Lohan Hands.

The Eighteen Lohan Hands are easier to learn. It is not that the techniques of the Eighteen-Lohan Art are more difficult, in fact they are simpler, but the skills are more difficult. If you have developed basic skills while learning the Eighteen Lohan Hands, not only you will find it easier to learn the Eighteen-Lohan Art, you will also have better results.

As an analogy, driving a powerful, sophisticated car is more difficult than driving a simple car. But if you know how to drive a simple car, progressing to drive a more powerful car is easier.

The Eighteen-Lohan Art is more powerful than the Eighteen Lohan Hands. Many people think that a more powerful art is necessarily more useful, and those who learn on their own from books usually choose the more powerful exercises.

This is not necessarily so. Today when most people practice chi kung to overcome diseases or maintain good health, a less powerful art like the Eighteen Lohan Hands is often more useful than a more powerful one like the Eighteen-Lohan Art. It is because one does not need so much power to overcome diseases and maintain good health. If you just want to drive around in a busy market place, for example, a less powerful car is often more useful than a very powerful one.

Some of the exercises in the Eighteen Lohan Hands have special benefits. For example, if you want to correct your posture, Lifting the Sky is excellent. If you want to look young and beautiful, you should choose Carrying the Moon. If you want to overcome knee problems, Three Levels to the Ground is a very good choice. Exercises in the Eighteen-Lohan Art may not provide these benefits as cost-effectively, though they may provide other benefits.

Question 4

I knew about you after reading your book "The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine" and "The Art of Chi Kung". I was surprised at your feat of transmitting chi kung to long distance. I'd like to experiment such a sensation and to know the course of treatment to cure autism.

— Deigo, Argentina


Distant chi transmission is for saving lives, not for playing about.

I would recommend that you attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Please see my website. You will be able to actually practice chi kung to cure any disease, including autism, instead of just talking about a cure. You will also have good health, vitality and longevity.

Lifting te Sky

Lifting the Sky

Question 5

Sifu, you said that the same pattern can be practiced as chi kung or as physical exercise. Can you please elaborate on that?

— Dr Gloria, Mexico


The crucial difference is energy flow. If the pattern generates an energy flow, it is chi kung. If it does not generate an energy flow, it is physical exercise.

It does not matter what the pattern is. It can be a gentle dynamic pattern like Lifting the Sky, or a zhan zhuang pattern like Horse-Riding Stance.

More than 80% of practitioners all over the world practice gentle dynamic patterns as well as zhan zhuang patterns as gentle physical exercise or as enduring physical exercise. Because they do not generate any energy flow, they do not have the benefits of chi kung, which is energy exercise.

Usually the energy flow is not obvious because it is not strong even when students practice dynamic patterns like Lifting the Sky or zhan zhuang pattern like Horse-Riding Stance correctly as chi kung. But as long as there is energy flow, these students will derive benefits, but their benefits may take a longer time to materialize.

In our case our benefits manifest quickly because our energy flow is strong -- so strong that our energy flow movements are obvious and vigorous. As usual, other people may think that we are boastful and may become angry at my statements. That is their problems, not ours. Actually we are here sharing secrets with them that can greatly enhance their practice.

The energy flow from gentle dynamic patterns like Carrying the Moon and Rhinoceros Looks at Moon overcomes pain and illness and gives good health, vitality and longevity. The energy flow from zhan zhaang patterns like Three-Circle Stance and Golden Bridge gives mental clarity and internal force.

Because most other practitioners do not have energy flow they still remain sick and weak or have no internal force despite practicing dynamic patterns or zhan zhuang patterns for many years. Because we have energy flow we have good health, vitality and longevity as well as internal force even when we practice dynamic patterns and shan zhuang patterns for a relatively short itme.

It is the energy flow, not the dynamic patterns or zhan zhuang patterns, that gives these benefits. This is a great chi kung secret.

Question 6

You also said a skilful practitioner could use the same exercise to operate at three different levels. Please tell us more about this.


For convenience chi kung benefits, i.e. benefits resulting form practicing internal arts, can be classified into the following three levels:

  1. health level
  2. internal force level
  3. spiritual level

These three levels correspond to the following functions:

  1. overcoming pain and illness, and promoting good health, vitality and longevity
  2. attaining peak performance in work and play
  3. expanding into the Cosmos for spiritual fulfilment

These levels are in ascending order. If a person is sick, he should not be working for peak performance, he should get well first. If he is healthy but has not done well in his private and public life, he should not think of spiritual cultivation yet, he should work for peak performance to provide well for his family and be successful in society first. Only when he has fulfilled his personal and social obligations should be return to God, or whatever term he calls the Supreme.

But this does not mean that the levels are exclusive. It is just a guideline for priority. When he is sick, he can still think of God, but the priority is getting well. When he devotes himself to God, he should also not neglect his personal and social responsibilities.

The energy needed for these attainments is also progressive. The health level relatively needs the least energy, the internal force level more energy, and the spiritual level the most energy. Hence, if all other factors were equal, relatively less powerful chi kung like Eighteen Lohan Hands is suitable for overcoming pain and illness, and promoting health, vitality and longevity. More powerful chi kung like Eighteen-Lohan Art is suitable for developing internal force to attain peak performance. Most powerful chi kung like Sinew Metamorphosis is suitable for spiritual cultivation.

But other things are not equal. Hence, a very skilful chi kung practitioner can employ the same chi kung pattern to operate at any of the three levels. For example, due to his deep skills in managing energy, he can use the same exercise to generate little energy for the health level, more energy for the internal force level, and a lot of energy for the spiritual level. Most other practitioners, who may not even differentiate between skills and techniques, would be unable to do so.

Not only the very skilful practitioner varies the amount of energy generated, he also operates the energy in different ways. For overcoming pain and illness, he would activate a vigorous chi flow to break through energy blockage. To develop internal force, he would keep his body flowingly still to allow energy to accumulate. For spiritual cultivation, he would focus his energy at his dan tian, places his mind there and expand into the Cosmos.

For example, Lifting the Sky from Eighteen Lohan Hands is relatively not as powerful as exercises from Eighteen-Lohan Art or Sinew Metamorphosis. Hence it is suitable for using it to activate a vigorous energy flow to overcome pain and illness. But because of his skills, he can also use Lifting the Sky to produce more energy to develop internal force while being flowingly still, or produce a lot of energy to focus it at the dan tian and expand into the Cosmos.

On the other hand, Golden Dragon Taps on Ground, or Flicking Fingers, is very powerful. But he can produce just enough energy to go into a vigorous chi flow to break through blockage for overcoming pain and illness. Or he may produce more energy and be flowingly still to develop internal force for peak performance. And he also can produce a lot of energy to accumulate at the dan tian to expand into the Cosmos for spiritual attainment.

Once we understand the philosophy and have the necessary skills and techniques, we can operate chi kung at the appropriate levels for countless purposes.

spiritual expansion

Students experiencing a spiritual expansion into the Cosmos during a Zen course

Question 7

I have many friends who want very much for me to tell them and show them what I learned in the Intensive Chi Kung Course. Some of them have been reading your book. Of course I love sharing my experience and have taught women to use their energy so they can deliver their babies.

— Mary, Galapagos Islands


The informal chi kung exercise for pregnant women I explained at the Intensive Chi Kung Course is wonderful and safe. For those who read the answer in my Question-Answer Series, I shall explain again for their benefit so that they can cultivate some blessings by telling women who are pregnant.

Let the pregnant woman lie or sit down comfortably. Relax and don't think of anything. Smile from the heart, and be gently aware of her breathing. She does not need to regulate her breath, just be aware of the spontaneous breathing.

Then gently have a thought that the baby will develop healthily and beautifully, and when the time is right the delivery will be safe and pleasant. It will be.

Perform this two or three times a day, in the morning, evening or at night.

Question 8

But I felt I needed to ask if you think it is wise for me to share what I learned last week, since it is all so new and obviously I have no mastery as yet. Would it be a problem for me to simply relate my own experiences to them and show them the details of the exercises?


It is very thoughtful of you to ask me.

While it is useful to tell your friends of your wonderful experiences and benefits at the Intensive Chi Kung Course, it is not advisable for you to teach them or show them the details of the exercises.

It is because what you can show and what they can see are the outward techniques. They will not be able to understand or appreciate the skills involved, even when you perform the techniques with the right skills. They may have the wrong impression that if they follow your outward techniques, they will also obtain the benefits.

Not only they will not derive the wonderful benefits that you have, they are likely to perform the exercises wrongly which will lead to adverse effects. The wrong practice is not due to performing the techniques wrongly. Indeed, they are likely to perform the techniques correctly like what you showed them.

The wrong practice is due to their lack of the necessary skills. Hence, instead of being relaxed and think of nothing, which are crucial for practicing the exercises correctly, they are likely to tense their muscles and intellectualize. This may result in serious adverse effects in them which neither you nor them know how to deal with.

If you make mistakes in yourself, it is alright because your chi flow will immediately erase whatever adverse effects your unwitting wrong practice may produce. But your friends do not have any chi flow.

But if you wish to show or even teach them something, you can teach them Lifting the Sky as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung. Your friends will not be able to tell the difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung. Indeed, most chi kung practitioners today, including some "masters" cannot tell the difference too. The difference is that gentle exercise works on the physical body, whereas chi kung works on energy.

Tell your friends that they have to practice Lifting the Sky as gentle physical exercise, and not as chi kung because it may be risky for them if they do not learn personally from a qualified instructor. Tell them that even as gentle physical exercise they will have much benefit. They still have to perform the gentle physical exercise without tensing their muscles and without thinking of anything. You need not explain to them the difference between gentle physical exercise and chi kung so as not to confuse them.

Although they may find the benefits amazing, like being relaxed and loosening their muscles and joints, their benefits are nothing compared to the wonderful benefits that you have. If they wish to have similar benefits like yours, they have to learn from a certified Shaolin Wahnam instructor or attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course.



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