dan tian

The dan tian, or energy field, is a very important part of a person, affecting his health and vitality

Question 1

I have heard the most respectable things about your mastery of the healing arts. I need the help of an experienced master like you. I have been doing serious meditation for about 2 years now in order to increase my consciousness and the value of my life.

The problem is that I have cracked my lower dan tian.. This happened about 1 month ago, and I have contacted many healers but none have been able to help me. The hot yang energy or jing that used to rise up my spine now flows down my legs and is causing blockages consistently in my legs.

I continue to work to remove the stagnant energy and to remove the blockages, but the energy keeps leaking out of my dan tian and causing more blockages. The energy is also leaking into my stomach and lower back.

I cannot go to a doctor for this problem because it is an affliction on my energetic body, and most healers are not experienced enough to understand my predicament let alone heal it. If you can offer some advice or help me it would be very much appreciated.

There are many people into energy work these days, but very few masters with the knowledge to help me.

— Jimmy, USA


I am sorry to hear of your energy blockage, but the good news is that your problem can be overcome.

The best action is to consult one of our certified chi kung healers. Please see List of Certified Healers.

Alternatively, you can attend my Intensive Chi Kung Course. Identify yourself to me when we meet and remind me of your problem so that I can help you to clear your energy blockage. Please see my home page for details, and apply to my secretary for registration.

You need not pay extra for my help in clearing your energy blockage. You just pay the course fee.

Editorial Note : Jimmy replied on each occasion with new questions as follows.

Question 2

Thank you for your fast response. I would be very grateful for you to help me clear my energy blockages, but the main problem is the lower dan tian which is damaged and is constantly leaking. This is the source problem and it is an actual tear in my energy body.

The blockages are a result of the leaking. I have learned many techniques for clearing blockages and am clearing them constantly every day as they form. Malaysia would cost me a lot of money and I want to be sure you understand my problem.


Yes, I understand your problem perfectly. In chi kung terms, it is called "essence depletion". It often results from serious deviation of high-level chi kung training. Western medicine, however, does not understand this problem.

Many years ago, a senior student of mine who earlier betrayed me, had this problem. He was loosing cold sweat profusely and continuously, and could die of dehydration and energy depletion in a matter of days, or even hours if not checked in time. His wife sought my help in the middle of night.

Although he betrayed me, I still helped him (free of charge) and saved his life. I arrested his energy leakage and restored his normal energy flow -- in about half an hour. It is amazing that according to Western medical paradigm some illnesses are puzzling and can be fatal, but a skilful chi kung healer who understands the underlying philosophy may remedy the problems in a relatively short time.

In this case, for example, doctors trained in the Western medical paradigm would not know what the problem is because energy is not in their conceptual framework. From the traditional Chinese medical paradigm, the patient's energy flows disorderly. It is interesting to note that we need not have to know what caused the disorderly energy flow. As long as the healer can redirect the energy to flow in its normal, orderly manner, the illness will be overcome.

By comparison your problem is certainly not as bad as that of my former student. This does not mean your problem is not serious or not urgent. I believe your problem can be rectified quite easily. But I cannot give you any guarantee. I can only say that you have a good chance of regaining good health.

Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan

Learning from a master is more cost-effective in terms of time and money than learning from books

Question 3

Were his cold sweats physical? I have some cold sweat sensations on occasions but they are not physical.


His cold sweat and yours were the same. You live in a cold or temperate country, so your sweat evaporated quickly leaving you just a sensation. He lived in an equatorial country where the sweat came out profusely.

There was also a vast difference in amount and seriousness. He was on the point of collapse but you weren't.

Question 4

I have been observing it lately and noticed that it has three holes where it leaks out of. I was doing a healing exercise a type of visualization reiki and I managed to partially heal two of the holes. It felt like there were scabs over the two holes on the dan tian and it stopped leaking out of them and the essence only leaked out of the third hole.

Then I made a mistake, and now there are three holes leaking again. It is strange to me that the energy body forms scabs like the physical body.

Every day I do clearing exercise and clear all of the blockages that are formed in the night. All of the major channels in my legs, spine, and arms are smooth with no blockages after my session and when I move my consciousness through my body my entire body is smooth and clean on the inside. The dan tian leaks and creates blockages but they are only one day old so I can disintegrate them very easily.


You are being very unwise. You have a problem which conventional medicine is not clear about and which can lead to very serious consequences. Yet, without any proper training or medical background, you try to heal yourself blindly.

I do not know about scabs in the energy body. Energy scabs are also not mentioned in chi kung classics or Chinese medical texts. They were probably the result of your imagination.

Golden Bridge

It is not easy to practice zhan zhuang correctly even with a master's supervision

Question 5

I have a question though. Part of my healing exercise requires me to hold my breath for long periods of time. Does this put stress on the dan tian? I was taught never to hold my breath and punch someone.


Yes, unless you are trained to do so, you are not only putting stress on your dan tian but your whole being. Even just keeping the mouth close in many chi kung exercises is harmful. Purposely holding your breath is worse.

Editorial Note : Jimmy's other questions are continued in the September 2012 Part 3 issue.

Question 6

Can you please tell me what are the best books to learn from that Sifu Wong has written in the English Language should I desire to learn kung fu, chi kung and Tai Chi Chuan? Are there any ones that have very good pictures, illustrations as well as easy to follow written instructions? I would try my best to find them. Do you have a good place where I can look for these books?

— Daniel, Australia


Many people have kindly mentioned that "The Art of Chi Kung", "The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu" and "The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan" are the best books they have read on chi kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Tai Ch Chuan respectively. These books give a comprehensive, yet in-depth explanation of the arts.

They are well illustrated with pictures and the texts are easy and pleasant to read. You should be able to purchase them on line or from a good book shop.

Nevertheless, learning from books, even when they are excellently written, is incomparable to learning from competent teachers. Many students who first read my books, then learned personally from me, have told me this fact.

There are many reasons why learning personally from a competent teacher is far superior to learning from books. One very important reason is that books only give you techniques but not skills. In any art, skills are more important than techniques -- a fact that many people may not realize.

For example, you may learn the best soccer techniques from a book, but without the necessary skills you may be unable to kick a ball well. Soccer is a sport where skills are mainly external and visible. Imagine how more crucial it is to learn from a competent teacher in arts like chi kung, Shaolin Kungfu and Tai Chi Chuan where skills are internal and not easily visible.

Some people think that they can save money by learning from books instead of paying fees to a competent teacher. They also think they can save time. What they don't know, or refuse to accept, is that learning personally from a competent teacher is the most cost-effective in terms of both time and money.

They may pay just 30 dollars for a good book or even get the material free from the internet. They may spend just half an hour reading over a relevant exercise and spend some time practicing it on and off.

If theirs is a simple problem like merely learning to stretch their limbs or having some theoretical knowledge for intellectual curiosity, that is fine to learn from books. But if their problem is to overcome a serious illness, enjoy good health and vitality, be able to defend themselves, develop internal force, or acquire mental clarity, unless they are already expert in chi kung or kungfu, they are unlikely to get much benefit by merely learning from books or the internet and then practicing on their own even for years. On the other hand, if they pay the required fees and learn from a competent teacher, they are quite certain to get the desired result.

And if you want to get the benefits described in my books, it is only logical that you will get the best result from me or from instructors trained by me. You can obtain avaibable dates from my website.

Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon makes women young and beautiful, and men happy

Question 7

If a person practices zhan-zhuang in 2 sessions with a 5-minute break in between instead of one long continuous session, will he be able to derive the same benefit? For example, if I do two 30-minute zhan-zhuang sessions instead of one long continuous session, will I derive the same benefit?

— Ricky, Malaysia


Presuming all other things were equal, the longer you perform zhan zhuang, the better will be your result.

For example, if you perform one 30-minute session of zhan zhuang, you will get more result than performing two 15-minute sessions with a 5-minute break in between.

In the same way, if you perform 15 continuous repetitions of "Lifting the Sky", you will get better result than perform "Lifting the Sky" once but repeated 15 times even with a very short break in between.

The reason is that when you perform an exercise continuously instead of breaking it into parts, you have better accumulated effect, which is very important in internal force training.

However, other things may not be equal. If you are tired after 15 minutes of zhan zhuang, for example, it is better to have a break, then continue for another session after some rest, rather than forcing yourself to go on for 30 minutes.

Question 8

As we could generate an energy flow by entering into a chi kung state of mind, is it necessary to perform forms?

— Carman. Spain


The answer is yes and no.

If the objective is only to generate an energy flow and the energy flow can fulfil its purpose, like feeling energized or overcoming some pain or illness, then it is not necessary to perform any chi kung forms.

However, if the chi flow from entering into a chi kung state of mind is not strong enough for its purpose, or if there are other objectives, performing forms or other methods can make the energy flow more vigorous or serve other objectives.

For example, if a blockage is lodged deep in an internal organ, chi flow from a chi kung state of mind may not be strong enough. You will have to perform a more powerful exercise, like Bone Marrow Cleansing at the internal organ level, to clear the blockage.

Or you may want to look young and beautiful. Chi flow from a chi kung state of mind may perform this function but may not be deep or complete enough. You may want to perform Carrying the Moon to attain youthfulness and agility as well as to generate an energy flow at the meridian level for deeper and more complete beauty.



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