Asking Bridge

A regional course on Asking Bridge in Finland

Question 1

Let me first thank you for the most wonderful experience that I ever had, "The Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang". My family, friends and work companions were very exited to hear about my experience and about the effects of Chi Kung practice. This is I'm sure nothing new for you, but for us it is really amazing.

You have intimated to me about the possibility of organizing chi kung courses in Argentina some time in the future. I will be more than happy to work for its implementation. I realize it is a great responsibility!

— Fernando, Argentina


I am very glad that you have enjoyed and benefited much from the Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang. Carry on your daily practice, and you will be amazed at more wonderful results.

Thanks for offering to organize courses for me in Argentina. I am sure this will bring many benefits to many people.

Regional courses I conduct in various places all over the world are quite different from the Intensive Courses in Malaysia.

The following is a brief description.

Each regional course takes only 4 hours. Many people may wonder what they can learn in 4 hours, but it has been proven again and again all over the world that our students can learn a lot and benefit a lot in just 4 hours of our regional courses. If any student is not happy with a course, he can ask for a full refund if he does so an hour before the end of the course.

I offer the following regional courses for beginning students.

  1. Generating Energy Flow.
  2. Massaging Internal Organs.
  3. Developing Internal Force.
  4. Cosmic Shower.

Later, when students are more advanced, there are other regional courses, such as

  1. Eighteen Lohan Hands in three parts.
  2. Eighteen-Lohan Art in three parts.
  3. Sinew Metamorphosis in three parts.
  4. Bone Marrow Cleansing in two parts.

For very advanced students at regional courses, I may also offer

  1. Cosmic Breathing.
  2. Merging wth the Cosmos.

Generating Energy Flow is a fundamental course. This means any student who wish to take any of the other regional courses, must take Generating Energy Flow first. Of course, they can take only Generating Energy Flow if they do not want to take other courses yet. On the other hand, many students choose to reapeat taking this Generating Energy Flow course because it gives many wonderful benefits.

The techniques one learns in Generating Energy Flow are the same three techniques you have learnt in the Intensive Chi Kung Course in Penang, namely Lifting the Sky, Pushing Mountain and Carrying the Moon. But the skills and levels are lower. In Generating Energy Flow one learns only how to generate an energy flow, whereas in the Intensive Chi Kung Course you learned to use the same three techniques for massaging internal organs, enjoying cosmic shower, developing internal force and more, like attaining mental clarity and expanding into the Cosmos.

Although Generating Energy flow is lower level when compared to an Intensive Chi Kung Course, it is of a very high level when compared to what many people in general achieve when practicing chi kung. Many other people may find it hard to believe, but it is true that by generating an energy flow daily one can overcome any illness and have good health. This fact has been proven by many of our students.

While we use the same three techniques or just the mind to massage internal organs, develop internal force and expand into the Cosmos in an Intensive Chi Kung Course, in the respective regional courses we may use other techniques. For example, to massage the lungs we use Separating Water, and to develop internal force we use the Three-Circle Stance. Nevertheless, we still use Lifting the Sky or Carrying the Moon to have a cosmic shower in both an intensive course and a regional course.

It is indeed ridiculous (in a good sense) that while most other students would need two or three years to develop these skills, our students achieve them in just a few hours! It is understandable that many people do not believe this is possible, but, if they are deserving, they only have to attend our courses to find out.

Question 2

Can you tell us more about how chi kung overcomes illness due to karmic effect?

— Dave, Spain


Illness due to karmic effects refers to illness as a result of causes in past lives. For example, if in a past life a person died of extreme fear, this traumatic experience might affect his kidneys in his present life, as fear has a close connection with the kidneys.

If the illness manifests as a physical defect of the kidneys, he can overcome the illness when his chi flow clears the relevant energy blockage and rectifies the kidney defect.

It is like physical defects caused in his present life. It does not matter when the cause happened -- whether it happened sometime in the past in his present life or in his past life -- and it does not matter what the cause was, as long as the energy blockage due to the cause is cleared, he will recover.

However, if the fear was imprinted in his consciousness or soul, even when his physical defect is rectified, his illness will recur. He then has to clear his spiritual blockage, or the imprint in his consciousness or soul. Powerful chi kung like Bone Marrow Cleansing at the internal organ or the bone marrow levels can clear such blockage.

The fear in his past life may not manifest as a physical illness in his present life. It may manifest as a dysfunction of the kidneys or as an emotional, mental or spiritual disorder. Western doctors may find nothing wrong with his kidneys, but still his kidneys may not function properly. Western doctors may find nothing wrong with him physically, but he may have some emotional, mental or spiritual problems.

If this fear, caused in his past life but lodged in the memory of his kidneys in his present life, or lodged anywhere in his consciousness or soul, is cleared by powerful chi kung like Bone Marrow Cleansing, he will overcome his problems regardless at where it may manifest

Regional course in Venezuela

A regional chi kung course in Venezuela

Question 3

What is the difference between ending an exercise by jumping to feet together and by bringing chi to the dan tian?

— Sifu Pablo, Venezuela


Physically, the forms are obviously different.

Energetically, when you jump to feet together you activate a more vigorous energy flow. When you bring your chi to dan tian, you stabilize the flow. When you jump, the flow tends to be upward, whereas when you bring chi to dan tian, the flow tends to be downward.

Spiritually, you become more fresh, alert and agile when you jump, whereas bringing chi to dan tian makes you more calm and solid.

Knowing these differences, you will be able to choose a more appropriate mode for your purpose. For example, after performing some chi kung or kungfu patterns, if you wish to go into a chi flow, you jump; but if you wish to conclude with more internal force, you bring your chi to dan tian.

In combat, when you wish to have better agility to move into an attack, you jump. If you wish to watch your opponent's moves, you bring chi to dan tian.

But if you are very skilful, you can use your mind to have an opposite effect of what your physical movement would produce. For example, after completing a kungfu set, you may jump to feet together, then use your mind to sink your energy to your dan tian to stabilize. Alternatively, you may bring chi to dan tian, then use your mind to let chi flow freely to enjoy a vigorous chi flow. This is a manifestation of the saying that the greatest kungfu is in the mind.

Question 4

So you do not heal the dan tian directly, but work on my energy channels so that the energy flows properly and that my injury heals itself? Maybe I will be able to heal this through continuous hard work and not need to bother you, but I do not want to take any chances.

— Jimmy, USA

Editorial Note : Jimmy's earlier questions are found in the September 2012 Part 2 issue.


Though healing is actually simple, it is not simplistic as you imagine.

A healer would have to examine his patients to prescribe the appropriate healing methods. He may change the methods or approaches as conditions change.

If you, without any proper training, can heal yourself so easily, there won't be so many sick people around.

Bringing chi qi to the dan tian

Bringing chi to the dan tian

Question 5

I realize that I am losing essence which is my vitality. I'm thinking that when I start meditation again after this injury I can regain lost essence. Is this accurate?


No, it is not accurate.

Meditation is a very advanced art, though when practiced correctly it is actually very simple.

Simple does not mean easy. Indeed because it is simple, which means straight to the point using the most direct and effective way, it is easy for people learning on their own to practice it wrongly.

There is only one form in meditation. The physical form is reduced to the minimum so that practitioners can focus on the mind or spirit. If that one form is wrong, it is 100% wrong. If there are 10 forms and a student makes a mistake in one of the 10 forms, he is only 10% wrong.

But more important than the form is the training of mind or spirit, which is not usually visible. Mind training is also more difficult than keeping the form correct.

Even if we presume that you can overcome your present injury concerning your energy field, which is most unlikely, you are more likely to cause other harms to yourself in your self-taught and self-practiced meditation than to regain your lost essence. In fact, your present injury was likely caused by your wrong meditation.

Question 6

I am very young and I do not know a lot about what is going on but inside I know I will defeat this injury. I am very thankful for your guidance and willing to help me. It is truly very kind of you.


It is good that you have self-confidence, but this does not replace your lack of knowledge as you yourself admit.

You have a serious energy problem. It is only wise to seek advice and treatment from those who know and have much experience in overcoming energy problems.

It is most unwise to experiment on your own, which is likely to cause you more harm, and this outcome has been proven again and again in real life. It is also unwise to seek advice and treatment from those who know nothing about energy problems.

Sitting Meditation, Zen

Meditation is a very advanced art and should be practiced with a master's supervision

Question 7

I have figured out what exactly happened to me. I did not break my dan tian. What I broke was a storage of condensed yang chi which turns into hot liquid. It is something I created thinking it was my dan tian.


Despite your own admission that you do not know a lot about what is going on, you are trying to be smart conjuring situations that are not true, and using terms and images that you only read about but do not really know what they mean. Do you, for example, know what is "condensed yang chi" and "hot liquid" flowing inside you?

Question 8

These bad martial arts teachers are making not just me do this but many others. There is a man with the same thing and he is in a mental hospital because he thinks he is losing his essence too.

I am going to help him after this email. I am going to be perfectly fine and so will he. Thank you for your availability to help me. You are a great master and I hope to see you some day. I will continue training!


You are worse than these "bad martial art teachers". You have not healed yourself, do not know what has happened or is happening concerning your problem, has no energy or medical training, yet you want to help someone in a mental hospital.

If you trust me the way you have expressed yourself in your e-mails, I would strongly advise you to consult a Shaolin Wahnam chi kung healer. The fee may appear high to you initially, but eventually you may find it is the best thing you have done with the money. Your problem is serious, and the way you are dealing it is likely to make you worse and worse.

I hesitated to recommend you to consult a Shaolin Wahnam chi kung healer, as it appears that I am marketing my school. In the past I used to advise sincere seekers like you to consult good chi kung healers or teachers.

But nowadays good chi kung healers and teachers are hard to find, and people in general cannot differentiate the good ones from the bad. Experience has shown that these sincere seekers usually end up with mediocre or even bogus healers and teachers who are not of much help and sometimes even make problems worse. To save you and these sincere seekers time and frustration, I am more forthright now by telling you to consult Shaolin Wahnam healers and teachers.



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