Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Question 1

My wife seemed to be drawn to practicing Abdominal Breathing and she asked me if I could show her or teach her this exercise.

— James, UK


You can teach your wife Abdominal Breathing. Remember Abdominal Breathing is not diaphragmatic breathing. Masters knew about Abdominal Breathing long before air was discovered by scientists.

In Abdominal Breathing energy goes to the "dan tian" or abdominal energy field, whereas in diaphragmatic breathing air goes to the lungs, though the diaphragm is pushed down so that the lung cavity is enlarged.

In Abdominal Breathing the rise of the abdomen is little as energy is not visible, but in diaphragmatic breathing the rise of the abdomen is large as air, though it is invisible, is "physical".

Question 2

In your wonderful book "The Way of The Master" you told a story about Sitaigung Ho Fatt Nam. Although he was of much smaller size than you, you would feel "just like a child" compared to him. Do you think the students have a similar experience than you had years ago? Did he have the same effortless power, to throw students around at his will?

— Florian, Netherlands


I believe the difference between my master and me was greater at my students' time than the difference between me and our students or instructors now. Your sifu, for example, is very good. He could handle masters and professional fighters quite easily.

Sifu Roeland Dijkema

Sifu Roeland Dijkema of Shaolin Wahnam Netherlands

Question 3

Students in Grandmaster Cho's Wing Choon use "Tai Gung" and "Seng", that is "lifting up the anus area" and "rising up energy through the spine". What is the difference between our method (relaxing and building energy at the dantian) and their method (relaxing with Tai Gung and Seng)? Do you think it is just another way, that eventually leads to the same outcome?


"Tai Gung", or "the art by leading", and "seng", or "lifting up the anus area", are just another way to lead to internal force. Both methods, theirs and ours, use relaxation and building energy.

When I first learned from Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, my third kungfu teacher, he taught me "Lifting the Sky". I remember that I used to carry "Dusil", but soon I was no longer carrying the medical pills. I think it is this method that helped me to overcome my headache and haemorrhoid.

The breathing method, known as "Forceful Small Universe", sped up my Small Universe, which you should not miss when I offer it. It took about 10 years to achieve the Small Universe, but I took less than 3.

Now you don't need 3 years to achieve the Small Universe; you just need 5 days (including the days of arrival and departure). It is just incredible, but you must have a ball of energy at your "tan tian". I need 3 days to activate the methods.

Question 4

Also they perform their "Siu Nim Tao" very slowly. Grandmaster Cho took over an hour for 1 set, whereas you perform "Siu Lin Tou" quite fast and forcefully. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on the differences?


I also perform "Siu Lin Tou" slowly when I want to develop internal force. I am fast and forceful when I use "Siu Lin Tou" for combat. But we have so many methods to develop internal force. I usually use "One-Finger Shooting Zen".

I remember Sifu Choe Hoong Choy, my Wing Choon teacher, when he showed me how to use "Siu Lin Tou" to develop internal force. It reminded me of my Shaolin teacher, Sifu Ho Fatt Nam, when he returned after teaching a king of an important state in Malaysia. Both of them performed their kungfu sets like most people performing a Taijiquan set, i.e. slowly and gracefully.

Wing Choon Kungfu

Wing Choon Kungfu

Question 5

I have cleared my most pressing and serious blockages. I know that I have not over trained. I feel alive, full of vitality, clear-headed, etc. This is even after Zhang Zhang and 18 minutes of Golden Bridge. I have also been mixing "Lohan Asks the Way" around, doing things reverse, out-of-order, changing something in the middle of the set.

— Brian, USA


It is great that you have cleared all your blockages, and you feel alive, full of vitality and clear-headed. 18 minutes of Golden Bridge is a great achievement.

Our arts are treasures. I think I have shared with you the saying, but it is good to share it again. "Accomplished in the Shaolin arts is better than changing stones to gold by touch." I thought it was an exaggeration, but gradually I realized its truth.

It is wonderful to have modifications with "Lohan Asks the Way". With modifications, you can handle all attacks. If your opponent kicks at you, you just avoid it and carry on with your pressing attack. If an opponent attempts to fell you, you step over his leverage. If he uses "chin-na", you reply with a circulating hand. At all times you make sure of your "safety first". "Lohan Asks the Way" is ingenious; it is one of my best compositions.

Question 6

The Eight Shaolin Eye Exercises are going very well.


The Eight Shaolin Eye Exercises are very good.

All my children when they were at school were told by specialists to wear spectacles. But I told my children to perform the Eight Shaolin Eye Exercises. None of them wear spectacles.

I work on my computer everyday, but I don't have to wear spectacles.

Brian, far right, during the Lagacy of Ng Mui course

Question 7

I have managed to sort out my business. Katie is working hard on writing her book. In fact, there is where some of my income has been! Part of collecting records is the act of buying and selling things. Well, I've been doing a lot of selling! So, it has been very good.


It is wonderful that your business, including selling records, is doing well. Remember that it is your business; kungfu and chi kung are your hobbies.

I am glad that Katie is busy writing her book. I have to read it when it is ready.

Our hobbies, which I have made into my profession though I am now in retirement, enhances our life, giving us good health, vitality, longevity, peak performance, and spiritual joys besides combat efficiency.

Question 8

The "Four Preparations" and "Three Arrivals" from our Kung Fu practice have been life-saving for me and have undoubtedly contributed to my successes.


The "Four Preparations" and "Three Arrivals" are my innovations. I believe we are the only school with a direct and systemmatic transfer of what we learn in our kungfu and chi kung lessons to our daily life.

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