Iron Wire

Iron Wire Kungfu

Question 1

I just finished reading your book "The Complete Book of Shaolin", and wanted to thank you for the wisdom you put into your writing. I have ordered "The Complete Book of Zen" and look forward to reading it.

— Jacob, USA


I like "The Complete Book of Shaolin" very much. It gives a clear picture of the Shaolin arts.

I would like to share with you a saying in Chinese, as follows. "Being accomplished in the Shaolin arts is better than changing stones to gold by touch." At first I thought it was exaggerated, but gradually I have realized its truth.

There is a story about "The Complete Book of Shaolin". I wrote the manuscript and estimated the length to be about 75,000 words. When the manuscript was completed, it turned out to be about 125,000 words. The publisher asked me to shorten it and gave me a month to do so.

But my writing was not verbose. Shortening it meant taking out interesting passages. So during the month I wrote another manuscript. It was "Introduction to Shaolin Kungfu" and the publisher published it.

At that time I was still working as a school teacher. After school which was about 3.00 p.m. as there are two sessions of schooling in my country, except for meals and going to the washroom, I worked every day during the month at my computer till about 6.00 am the next morning. I did not sleep but performed sitting meditation for about 10 minutes. The manuscript was "The Complete Book of Shaolin".

At the time I was teaching Shaolin Kungfu at night, every night. I was full of vitality. It says very well for my Shaolin chi kung, kungfu and Zen.

"The Complete Book of Zen" is also a lovely book. Some people have kindly commented that it is the best book on Zen they have read. I used to carry it in my trans-continental flight to Europe.

Question 2

My husband Jack woke up with a terrible pain in his low back and now is in his right leg. He got just medicine for pain but nothing helps. He got some tests. Those showed every thing was just fine. Doctors believe it is an inflammation of a nerve in the 5th vertebrae in the column.

— Sidu Kenya Araujo, Shaolin Wahnam Ecuador


"Carrying the Moon" and "Lifting the Sky" are two of the best exercises to overcome pain.

These two exercises will help him to overcome severe pain. There might be some tightness at first, but he must persevere.

Perform these two exercises once in the morning, once in the evening and once at night. Each session takes about 15 to 20 minutes. He should practice for a month.

Carrying the Moon

Carrying the Moon

Question 3

Did masters of older times practice the Iron Wire set several times daily or was it a practice done once a day?

I have been practicing Iron Wire for now 11 years, almost daily since 2009 and I have learned a lot with my practice. I've learned to apply force without tension, to be focused and also light hearted. I've learned to move chi or awareness to the various parts of the body like the arms, legs, feet, hands, and even some of the internal organs.

— Corwyn, USA


"Tiet Sin Kuen" or Iron Wire Kungfu is a very powerful form of qigong.

I believe the masters in the past practiced the kungfu set once a day.

Actually it depends on the intensity of the practice. If it is practiced intensely, once a day is sufficient. If it is practiced leisurely, a practitioner can perform the same set many times.

Being able to be focused, light hearted and send energy to various parts of the body, including internal organs, are sure signs of progress.

Masters do not use tension or muscular strength; they use internal force. If there is tension, it will impede the smooth flow of internal force.

A practitioner should feel fresh and energized after each practice. If he feels tired, it is a sign of wrong practice or over-training.

Many people in the West may not understand what internal force is. They are used to tension or muscular strength. It is just incomprehensive that by tensing their muscles, they will have less or little internal force.

Question 4

Sometimes, especially late at night, I feel a bombardment of negative thoughts that I think comes from other people, especially relatives or people I know, and they don't allow me to be in a chi kung state of mind, even though I usually manage to expel them. Will Kung Fu training give me strength so that they don't eventually try to interfere with my vision? Sometime I can become naive and believe the things that others tell me easily. What can I do to avoid manipulation?

— Paz, Spain


A good way to prevent a bombardment of negative thoughts is having good thoughts always. Smiling from the heart will help. Kungfu training -- real kungfu training -- will make us powerful.

Always having good thoughts, including those that help others, will help you to avoid manipulation. We in Shaolin Wahnam always look at the good side of things. If a person is sick, which by itself is bad, think that he will get well.

Paz and Angel

Paz and her husband, Angel, during a Chi Kung Healing Course

Question 5

Would it be better to sleep with the mouth open to have a better circulation of chi during the night time? I have noticed a big difference with my mouth slightly open, in terms of more clarity of mind and lightness.


It is better to sleep with the mouth open to have a better circulation of chi. It may not be easy to know, but we keep our mouth gently open in waking times, we can presume that our mouth is open when we sleep.

Question 6

Could physical exercise like cardio or toning, block the flow of chi?


Physical exercise, like cardio and toning, can block the flow of chi if we tense our muscles. Chi Kung, like "Three Levels to Ground" and "Carrying the Moon", is much better.

We in Shaolin Wahnam are so used to being relaxed that we may not realize it. Other people are tense and stressful.

Sinew Metamorphosis

Sinew Metamorphosis

Question 7

If a Shaolin Wahnam student meditates every day, could he or she over train?


It depends on various factors, like his (or her) development stage and how deeply he enters into a chi kung state of mind, if he meditates every day.

He can achieve much by standing meditation instead of sitting meditation.

Question 8

I am rethinking of how to improve my kung fu training. I want to have more organization. Do you think the following order is ok, or is there a better one?

  1. The art of flexibility (30 times each exercise)
  2. Review the stances.
  3. Review patterns (kicks, punches, etc.)
  4. Review between 3 and 6 sequences (improving the external form).
  5. Review 3 sets (improving the external form)
  6. Golden Bridge (5 to 15 minutes)
  7. One-Finger Shooting Zen (5 minutes)
  8. Chi flow


Your kungfu is good -- much better than most people who practice kungfu. You must remember to use your combat sequences.

The routine you sent to me is too elementary. You should practice more advanced exercises, like Sinew Metamorphosis and Cosmic Breathing. Remember that when you practice advanced exercises, you are also revising your basics. You still use your stances and breathing methods.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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