JUNE 2022 PART 2

Hand Sweep

Sifu Goh Kok Hin uses "False Leg Hand Sweep" on Grandmaster Wong as the latter attacks with "Precious Duck Swims through Lotus"

Question 1

When practicing the application of "Immortal Emerges from Cave" to intercept "Hang a Golden Star at a Corner", where should the edge of the palm be aimed at?

I usually aim at the elbow, but Andrew Siheng commented that a big-sized opponent may still reach the head.

— Sifu Leonard Lackinger, Shaolin Wahnam Wien


When using "Immortals Emerges from Cave" against "Hang a Golden Star at a Corner", use the sharp edge of your arm to "cut" the opponent's arm. It is best to "cut " at the wrist.

If an opponent has long arms he may reach you if you intercept at his elbow.

Follow up immediately with a pressing attack. At all time you must ensure "safety first".

Question 2

Do I remember correctly that we aim at one of the arm joints (wrist, elbow or shoulder) when using "False-Leg Hand Sweep"?


You remember correctly.

"False Leg Hand Sweep" is an attack. Most people use it as a "block".

Fong Sai Yoke used it to kill Looi Tai Pang, who was known as Tiger Looi because of his ferocity. At that time, Foong Sai Yoke was only fifteen.

You can read the legends here, especially here.

I enacted the legend many years ago. In kungfu, age, sex and gender do not matter. A small boy could kill a ferocious tiger.

chi flow

An important aspect of chi kung is "chi flow" or energy flow

Question 3

I have bought your books, "The Art of Chi Kung" and "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality". I think they are wonderful books about chi kung. Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful art of chi kung to people in general.

— Jadeon, Curacao in the Caribbean


Thank you for your email which my secretary has forwarded to me.

Practicing chi kung is one of the best things anyone can do. In our school it takes about 15 minutes per session, once in the morning and the other session in the evening or at night, making two sessions a day, and it will make him healthy and happy.

"The Art of Chi Kung" and "Chi Kung for Health and Vitality" are two books I wrote many years ago. Just follow the instructions respectfully. They have brought health and happiness to many people.

Question 4

After about a week or 10 days practicing lifting the sky now, when I do lifting the sky for just 3 repetitions my body starts to move and swing back and forth. Sometimes I need to slow it down consciously, which I can understand is the self manifested chi flow.

I am very much surprised with the circulating knees chi kung exercise. After doing it gently as you suggested without worry about breathing just gently, when I stand up straight they also induce chi flow causing my body to move back and forth.

What should I do? Should I control the chi flow and slow it down, do the 10 reps and then enjoy the flow or do I just enjoy the chi flow and when it slows down on its own go to another exercise?

How long should I stay in the self-manifested chi flow for benefits? Is 3-5 minutes in the morning and 3-5 min evening enough?


"Lifting the Sky" is one of the best exercises in all chi kung. If you practice on your own from my books, it is better to perform just one exercise about 20-30 times.

If you move your body vigorously by the 3rd or 5th repetition, just enjoy the movement; there is no need to continue the remaining repetitions unless you have other aims like correcting your postures in which case you may continue the repetitions and "tame" the movements. It is chi flow or self-manifested chi movement that overcomes your illness, or gives good health, vatality and longevity.

There is no need to continue other exercises; just performing "Lifting the Sky" will do. You already have your chi flow; it is chi flow that gives the benefits of chi kung.

The whole session takes about 20-30 minutes. Our chi kung is very powerful though the chi flow is gentle. Most other people may have to practice about an hour.

Lifting the Sky

"Lifting the Sky" is one of the best exercises in all chi kung

Question 5

I like lifting the sky very much. Can it give the same rejuvenation benefits as carrying the moon? I feel more comfortable doing lifting the sky so far and since the look pretty much alike if possible I would like to do it instead.


You can alternate your daily exercise with "Carrying the Moon". Later, you can add "Pushing Mountains". They are wonderful exercises.

About once or twice a week, you can perform the three exercises -- "Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountains" and "Carrying the Moon" -- as a set to have Self-Manifested Chi Movement. Your time per session is also about 20-30 minutes, but you perform the exercises faster and faster.

Your chi movement may be vigorous or comical, like rolling on the floor and laughing or crying. You need to experience it to believe it.

Question 6

When gently visualizing chi during exercises like submerged breathing and Nourishing Kidneys I use a golden or bright orange color for the chi. Are orange or golden color ok?

Can submerged breathing be done sitting also?

Is my chi kung combination of 4 exercises good for my goals? Are the number of repetitions per exercise ok?

Is there any visualization tips you can give me especially for focusing on healing/restoring the varicose veins during chi kung.


You can also add other exercises, like "Nourishing Kidneys" and "Rotating Knees", to generate an energy flow.

"Submerged Breathing" is an advanced exercise. It should be done under supervision.

Perform just one exercise, either "Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountains", "Carrying the Moon", "Nourishing Kidneys", "Rotating Knees" or any other chi kung exercise from Eighteen Lohan Hands.

There is no need for visualization. Chi flow is important; you have to be in chi flow for some time.

In Chinese culture, gold is a beautiful colour. That is why gods are covered in gold.

Once or twice a week you can perform a set of three exercises, such as "Lifting the Sky", "Pushing Mountains" and "Carrying the Moon". Perform for about 20-30 minutes per session, two sessions a day, but you perform the exercises faster and faster. You must have a chi flow or self-manifested chi movement in the session.

Submerged Breathing

"Submerged Breathing" is an advanced exercise and needs to be supervised by a master

Question 7

Maybe the Dancing Crane chi kung? I saw a few clips on your website where you teach it. Can you give me a few tips? I will do it gently and careful.

I would also like to do some chi kung for stretching and flexibility in my legs and hips.


In "Dancing Crane" chi kung, your feet must be firmly on the ground. Breath out as your lower yourself, and breath in as you come up.

You can perform any stretching or flexibility exercises, like what you learn from other arts. But chi kung is better.

Your health problems will go away, but you must give it some time. If it is too fast, it may not be good for you as it may put other organs out of synchronism.

Question 8

I notice my urine this morning when I woke up to piss was very strong. Also my knees where making a cracking noise when I walked stairs and also when I did circulating knees first time, but this morning there was no cracking noise and they feel stronger too.


Your urine is strong probably because of cleansing. There was no cracking sound when you performed "Circulating Knees" probably because you have overcome your health problem. Your chi kung is working for you.

Just perform chi kung for about 20-30 minutes per session, once in the morning and once in the evening or at night. Other people have to perform for about an hour. There is a saying that "if you are accomplished in the Shaolin arts, it is better than changing stones to gold by touch", and our chi kung comes from the Shaolin arts.

It is best if you come for my Intensive Chi Kung Course. With the world lockdown going on, I don't know when will I offer the Intensive Chi Kung Course, but you can check up on my website.

One can learn a lot during an Intensive Chi Kung Course in a few days, especially what you cannot learn elsewhere, like entering into a chi kung state of mind, tapping chi from the Cosmos, directing chi to wherever you want in your body, overcoming so-called incurable illness, enjoying good health, vitality and longevity, and attaining peak performance and spiritual joys irrespective of religion. Many people repeat the course.

If you have any questions, please e-mail them to Grandmaster Wong via his Secretary at stating your name, country and e-mail address.



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