Start of Series 1997

September-October 1997

Shaolin Kung Fu

The main purpose of learning Shaolin Kungfu is to have a complete programme of personal development from the most basic to the most advanced levels. At the physical level, Shaolin Kungfu provides health, fitness, agility and vitality, besides the ability to defend ourselves. At the emotional level, Shaolin Kungfu gives us joy and tranquillity. Shaolin Kungfu trains us to be mentally focused, and enables us to expand our mind. At its highest level, Shaolin Kungfu leads to spiritual fulfillment, irrespective of religion. Obviously, Shaolin Kungfu is not just a fighting art.

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November-December 1997

Dragon Dance

At the highest level, when the mind is purified, one attains enlightenment, also called nirvana, bodhi, or Buddhahood. Attaining nirvana is the highest spiritual attainment. But the great majority are not ready for this highest attainment. For them, going to heaven may be more immediate and meaningful. Although many people may not realize it, the Buddhist teaching on going to heaven is practical and detailed.

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