Wing Choon Cham Kiew

Grandmaster Wong performing CHAM KIEW

In Choe Family Wing Choon, the style of Wing Choon Kungfu practiced in our school, Cham Kiew is incorporated in the long Siu Lin Tou set. Now I teach this set separately.

The meaning of Cham Kiew is interpreted in two ways. One, it means "Searching for Bridge", and two, it means "Sinking Bridge". "Bridge" in kungfu terms means the forearm, which is like a bridge connecting with an opponent.

The techniques in Cham Kiew are frequently used in a special training method called "Chi Sau" or "Sticking Hands", where practitioners "stick" their arms together to train sensitivity. Hence, its name "Searching for Bridge".

On the other hand, Wing Choon techniques often involve sinking the forearm for defence. Hence, the name "Sinking Bridge". The Chinese words for "search" and "sink" are written differently, but both are pronounced as "cham".

The Cham Kiew set can be accessed here.

Wong Kiew Kit
17th December 2015



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