Shaolin Pakua Set

Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty

The Dragon-Form Set is from Northern Shaolin, but there are not much jumping and kicking in this set.

This Dragon-Form Set was taught to me by my siheng, Por Lok, around 1971 in Kuala Trengganu, Malaysia. Poh Lok was well known for his Iron Fist.

When Poh Lok heard that I knew the famous Tiger-Crane Set, he wanted to exchange it with me using his specialty, the Dragon-Form Set. He was disappointed when he discovered that the Tiger-Crane Set I practiced consisted of only 36 patterns, and not the 108-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set of Wong Fei Hoong's lineage. But he still taught me the Dragon-Form Set to. (I learned the 108-Pattern Tiger-Crane Set later.)

When I was transferred as a school teacher to another capital city, Alor Star, I practiced the Dragon-Form Set every morning in a park. This set was instrumental in changing my earlier specialty of Tiger Claw to Dragon Palm.

A special feature of the Dragon-Form Set is the swerving movement of a Dragon. A special pattern in the set is "Dragon Manifests Miraculous Majesty". I demonstrated the miraculous force of this pattern in sending students many feet away by a slight shake of my body. The training method of this miraculous force was instrumental in the development of Dragon Force later on like in the Dragon Strength Set.

Wong Kiew Kit
17th December 2015

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