Eagle Claw Kungfu

Grandmaster Wong and Sifu Mark Blohm demonstrating an Eagle Claw combat application

Eagle Claw Kungfu is an important style from Northern Shaolin. It was invented by the Sage of Martial Arts, Marshal Yue Fei, in the 12th century.

The Eagle Claw kungfu system is crystallized in the 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw Kungfu, known in Chinese as Ying Jao Wu Shi Lu Xing Quan. Unlike many other Northern Shaolin styles, there is not much jumping and kicking in Eagle Claw Kungfu.

Another interesting feature is that even the Eagle Claw, the hallmark of this kungfu style, is not obvious in the 50 sequences. But it is there, hidden in the open as an ordinary fist. In other words, when you see a demonstration of the 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw, you see practitioners holding their fists instead of eagle claws.

The combat application of these eagle claws is very sophisticated. But unlike Tiger Claw and Dragon Claw which are often combat ending by themselves, Eagle Claw is usually supportive. A practitioner uses his eagle claws to immobilize opponents, then strike them with a coup de grace.

The 50 Sequences of Eagle Claw can be found here. Their combat application was composed by me, and can be found here.

Wong Kiew Kit
17th December 2015



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